Monday, 28 October 2013

Where are those Monday Moments?

Happy Monday to you! It's going to be a mixed day for me today: the boring laundry, a little house tidy, some great gardening, and as much writing as I can fit in to that schedule!

Maybe some reading too... If you're looking for something to read as well, have a try at one of my books displayed on the sidebar.

Last week my blossom tree looked like this on the left.

Beautiful autumnal colour, but we've had a week of wet and windy weather. Not gales, but sometimes quite breezy.

The result is that my poor blossom tree now has only a handful of leaves on it, but I'm not rushing off, quite yet, to photograph it again before the grass is cleared. 

Some writing tasks are also overdue. It's the turn of The Flavians, Crannog life and if I concentrate well enough my for Thursday's Halloween Blog Hop post. I'd love to also do some of my new writing....

See you in a while. 

 This might look quite pretty, but it's wet and messy. 

As well as that tidy up outside, The Beltane Choice will be featuring on a new internet email site, called The Fussy Librarian where the details are shared amongst potential readers for them to choose and pick up a copy. More details and links for that later. 

See Monday Moments on my features blog today where Caridad Pinero shares another novel from her paranormal series - To Love and Serve. 

Pop over and have a read at what she's sharing about her series, and answer her question if you can!


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