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Familiarise Friday meets James MacIntosh

Hello again. My Familiarise Friday guest is James MacIntosh from Bound to the Highlander by Kate Robbins.

Bound to the Highlander - 2013 TARA Award for Historical Romance Winner  -  begins in Scotland in 1430, near Inverness. 

I've got my copy hot on my kindle, since it was launched just hours ago. I'm not saying anything though, because I haven't got to the end yet!   

Kate Robbins is a Facebook friend of mine though, today, I'm learning a lot more about James MacIntosh. Let's find out what he's like...
Good morning James. Describe yourself to my readers using only 6 words.

I like control. Must have it.

Okay. I think we can take a few things from that. Where are you currently living?

My wife and I live between Moy Hall and her family’s castle just south of Inverness.

Have you always lived there? 

At Moy yes. Chattan Castle is new since our marriage.

What takes up most of your daily time just now?

I’m the Earl of Moray.

Does being the Earl make you happy?

It’s something I’ve coveted yes, and I am invaluable to my king. Aye, I’d say I’m happy.

When you were younger did you think you’d end up being an Earl? If not, how did you view your future?

When I was younger I was more interested in what lay beneath a bonnie lass’s skirts.

Naughty! With such an answer I'm not sure if you can answer my next question. Who, or what, is the love of your life?

The enchanting Lady Aileana, my wife.

Oh! That sounds like a changed man. What's your favourite way to travel?

Atop my destrier, Arion. He flies like the wind.

What would be your favourite drink?


Do you eat early in the day, or late? And what might a typical meal be?

My wife likes rabbit stew but I can’t stand the stuff. Give me a fat roasted boar any day.

Well, James. I have eaten rabbit stew, and I quite like it, but a big fat juicy boar rib sounds absolutely delicious, too.  I'm so pleased you've joined us, today, and wish you the very best in your marriage to Lady Aileana. I'm reading that she's quite the fiesty lass! 

Aileana Chattan suffers a devastating loss, then discovers she is to wed neighboring chief and baron, James MacIntosh -- a man she despises and whose loyalty deprived her of the father she loved. Despite him and his traitorous clan, Aileana will do her duty, but she doesn't have to like him. But when the MacIntosh awakens something inside her so absolute and consuming, she is forced to question everything.

James MacIntosh is a nobleman torn between tradition and progress. He must make a sacrifice if he is to help Scotland move forward as a unified country. Forced to sign a marriage contract years earlier binding Lady Aileana to him, James must find a way to break it, or risk losing all -- including his heart.

From the wild and rugged Highlands near Inverness to the dungeons of Edinburgh Castle, James and Aileana’s preconceptions of honor, duty and love are challenged at every adventurous turn.

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A bit about Kate robbins:
Kate Robbins writes historical romance novels out of pure escapism and a love for all things Scottish, not to mention a life-long enjoyment of reading romance. Her journey into storytelling began with a short screenplay she wrote, directed, and produced which was screened at the 2003 Nickel Film Festival in St. John’s, Newfoundland. She has also written and directed several stage plays for youth.

Kate loves the research process and delving into secondary sources in order to give readers the most authentic historical romance possible. She has travelled to Scotland and has visited the sites described in her Highland Chiefs series.

Bound to the Highlander is the first of three books set during the early fifteenth century during the reign of James Stewart, first of his name.

Kate is the pen name of Debbie Robbins who lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada with her hubby, the man-beast, and her two awesome boys, the man-cubs.

Here's an excerpt from Bound to the Highlander to share today:

Aileana turned on her heel, intent to put this rogue in his place, and ran into his chest. She gasped. The thick, rich scent of leather enveloped her, sending an unexpected shiver down her spine. She stumbled, but he was quick enough to catch her by the arms before she fell. Her hands splayed flat against his chest. Bulging muscles underneath his jerkin begged her fingers to stroke their curve.

His bright green eyes bore into hers. While his long sandy brown hair was tied at his nape, a few strands had broken free and fell loose across his face. She fought the irresistible urge to tuck them behind his ear.

“Who are you?”

His voice was warm honey on her skin. He smelled of sweet mead and she was transfixed by his mouth which curved in all the right ways.

“Perhaps you’re a faerie come to steal me away.”

His raspy voice made her skin tingle.

“Good sir.”

Aileana pushed against his chest. He pushed back. The stranger pulled her forward, his mouth now no more than an inch from hers. His hard body pressed against her, spreading heat to her very core.

“I bet you taste as delicious as you smell.” His fingers brushed the side of her mouth and his lips parted.

Her knees trembled. His intent was clear and their proximity was inappropriate.

Panic hit her hard.

Thank you for coming, Kate, and for bringing James with you. I wish you the very best with- Bound to the Highlander.



  1. Thanks so much for having me Nancy!! Oh that James, he's a case!

  2. I must say I agree with James. Wild boar is delish :-) Good luck with the book, Kate!

    1. I've never had it. Will have to try it next time I'm overseas.

    2. I've never had it. Will have to try it next time I'm overseas.

  3. Hi Kate. I think I first had Wild Boar in either Germany, or maybe in Prague? I'm not sure if I've actuially eaten it in Scotland, though.


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