Sunday, 2 February 2020

#February2020 #romances

February has begun!

The Ancient Roman month of Februaris was dedicated to cleansing and purifying: getting rid of the winter grime and looking forward to a clean and healthy regime. I'm all in favour of that though this image from a Roman mosaic makes Roman cleansing look just a little bit painful. Ouch! 

I'll personally be out in the garden doing a bit of winter grime clearing when I can make the time - and, being in NE Scotland, that only means if the weather is fair. 

Yesterday, 1st Feb, was also the Ancient Celtic Festival of Imbolc, the symbolic welcome to the beginning of Spring. Happy Imbolc greetings to you!

Though I'm sure to still be immersed in the politics of the times (UK/Scotland in particular) during February, I'm also aiming to do a lot of promoting of my novels and to completing new writing projects. 

The first task of the month was to create some new publicity banners for Facebook and Twitter to promote my romantic comedies/ romantic suspense novels. It is, of course, the month including Valentine's Day - which has a lot to do with my putting emphasis on those novels. The ones here have a base banner to which I'll be adding different review comments. Since Book 1 of my Celtic Fervour Saga is also a Romance novel, I'll be making a banner in a similar style for it- maybe tomorrow or later tonight after my daily Scots Gaelic lesson with Duolingo, which I'm absolutely loving, even though it's becoming a big challenge!

I will be involved in a Facebook event with a number of my RNA (Romantic Novelists' Association)
Scottish Chapter members next Sat 8th Feb / into Sun 9th Feb, when we'll all be sharing information about our romance novels. It'll be a fun event, which I'll be popping into when I'm not at my first FOCUS Craft Fair of the year which is also a Valentine themed event.

All links for buying my novels are available via the right sidebar of this blog. Enjoy the beginning of February!

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Agricola's Bane Blog Tour ends!

Yes, they do say all good things come to an end...

...and such can be said for the excellent blog tour for Agricola's Bane that was organised by Rachel's Random resources. The tours are seamlessly professional and my thanks go to all of the wonderful bloggers and to Rachel Gilbey for their time and expertise respectively.

Four Guest Posts written by me were very well-received; I had one really entertaining Author Interview to answer; Four Extracts were posted;  and along with general promotional material, a wonderful clutch of 10 new Reviews has been gained for the novel, most in the 4* and 5 * grades.

Choosing which of the reviews to mention is a difficult task since they have been highly complimentary of the writing of the series and/or really positive comments. The variety of responses has been extremely useful as I continue with my writing. 

The full reviews can be accessed from the top tab section on this blog titled:  'Celtic Fervour Saga Series Blog Tours' . But just to whet the appetite here are a few more comments...

"This is the fourth instalment now in this fantastic series and it is just as good as the previous books which I also rated very highly!"

"And we’re back with the Garrigill Clan! We’re on the move again, this time with Enya and her two companions as they travel through territory after territory to track down her family. As with previous instalments in this wonderful series, we have several strands to the story, and although rooting for Enya and her companions (including the lovely Nith!), it’s good to see both sides of the story. Yes, the Romans are invaders, but life isn’t a picnic for those at the northern reaches of the Empire."

"The descriptions are wonderful as usual, letting you really immerse yourself in the story and imagine what it was like being there."

Enjoy the reviews.

Meanwhile I'm now beavering away with my latest writing, creating new promotional posters and learning more Scots Gàidhlig. Oidhche Mhath! (Good evening/well, it is for me in my part of Scotland)


Tuesday, 21 January 2020

#reviews #Agricola's Bane

The Blog Tour for Agricola's Bane has begun and what a brilliant start! 

It's Day 2, and there are already 3 wonderful reviews from the bloggers who have signed up with Rachel's Random Resources. I can't ever thank them enough for taking time to read my novels and then write reviews- it is so....appreciated. At least one of them has so far been popped on to Amazon as well as Goodreads and that really does help with the marketing of novels.

Here are some of the comments so far (but click the link to read the reviews in full)


"As I've come to expect with a Nancy Jardine novel, the narrative is full to the brim with fascinating insights and historical details. While it takes me a while to fully remember the names of the characters and places, the writing style makes it easier to absorb the rich facts skilfully wrapped around intriguing plot lines. Set against a timeline I knew very little about before picking up the first book in this series, I also appreciate how the author brings the characters to life, specifically, Enya and her confusing emotions. It's a time in her life where she's coming of age and has conflicting feelings; she has to choose to between what she believes is right for her family, rather than listen to her heart...." 

Nancy Jardine has done it again with Agricola’s Bane! I am in love with this series and I cannot rave about it enough. This is how Historical Fiction should be done. In 2019, I made a decision to read more historical novels, and this series was one of the ones that made me fall in love with the genre.

Nancy Jardine is able to catapult her readers back in time and drop us right into the story. I love the historical accuracy, it feels authentic and clearly shows the research that went into this series.

I also enjoy the fact that each book has consistently gotten better. Not once have I felt like the story is being over done, each book brings a new light to the overall series.

If you enjoy Historical Fiction or you’re curious about the genre, I highly recommend this series. The books should be read in order, in my opinion. I had no qualms about giving this 5 stars! Rating: 5/5

"....I’m excited to see where this series is heading but I’m hoping for a good ending for all my favourites in the Garrigill clan! Have you still not yet picked up this series and you’re a historical romance fan then start your year out with a book series filled with characters that you’ll come to care for and root for in their war of gaining their homeland back!..."

I'm looking forward to what the other blogger/ reviewers might think about my characters, the settings and the era.