Sunday, 25 November 2018

Launch Posters!


Here is a selection of my recent launch posters designed to encourage people to BUY my ebooks at incredibly cheap prices. They are added in no particular order...

Going with the 'launch theme'...

This one would be the Eagle of Rome theme...

This is a have you remembered to get your copy theme...

This one is the Rome versus the barbarian theme...

Which of the four designs do you liek the best? 


Launch Update!

Agricola’s Bane has definitely launched and I’ve been so busy I’ve realised I've not yet updated anything here!

Nancy Jardine with Nora Radcliffe/ Garioch Heritage Centre
Thursday evening, 22nd Nov, was the official paperback launch but it wasn't just a regular book signing session. Since the launch week coincided with Book Week Scotland, it was possible to combine two events. I gave a PowerPoint Presentation on Roman Aberdeenshire to the members of the Garioch Heritage Centre, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire and afterwards there was the opportunity to buy a signed copy of Agricola's Bane.

I, naturally, in the way of a trader these days, had a large selection of all of my books available for purchase. 

Somewhere between 20 and 25 hardy souls turned up in the pelting November rain and were a fabulous audience. Nora Radcliffe gave a short introduction and off I galloped since I had some 35 slides and around 45 mins for a presentation before a plenary questions session. My audience asked some really excellent questions and gave me a few great pointers for researching - all grist to the mill.

As well as feeling accomplished in having enlightened many of the locals that thousands of Ancient Roman Soldiers had trodden the byways around Inverurie, I was delighted to have come home with 15 fewer books than I went with. It was also fabulous to be invited to leave some copies of my Celtic Fervour Series, and The Taexali Game, to be sold in the Garioch Heritage Centre's little Bookshop - and you can imagine I definitely said YES, please!

What’s next? As well as promoting my latest novel on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else I can think of, I now look forward to the pleasure of getting back to writing Book 5- Beathan and Agricola stories continued. Though, first I have to get my three mysteries self-published with Ocelot Press. That job is underway and will hopefully be done in the coming weeks. 

Some champagne? Yes, I did have a glass or two. 


Tuesday, 20 November 2018

The launch tour Ali Bacon's blog!

It's Tuesday,

and the launch tour for Agricola's Bane continues. Today I'm  a new visitor to Ali Bacon's blog where I'm divulging some of the difficulties of researching an era that's got little written about it.

Catch that post HERE.

Meanwhile you can still get Books 1-3 of the Celtic Fervour Series for only 99p during this launch week for Agricola's Bane.

You'll find the links for the other books in the series on the Agricola's Bane page on Amazon

And after reading them it really will help with my visibility on Amazon rankings if you could write a short review comment after you've read the books. My thanks...