Saturday, 15 June 2019

Interview #3 Historical Writers' Forum Blog Hop

Happy Saturday to you! 

It's time for the next post in the Historical Writers' Forum 'Meet My Character' Blog Hop. Today Lynn Bryant interviews Matho Spirston, a man who has risen in prominence over the series of books written by Jen Black. He's a very resourceful young man who has a real way with him!

I first met Matho in Fair Border Bride, but some years have passed since then and he has acquired a very impressive position with Mary of Guise. You can read the interview HERE. 

I'll keep you posted about new posts as soon as they're published. If you need to catch up with the previous interviews, click the links on the top tab of this blog named 'Historical Writers' Forum Blog Hop 2019'.

Happy Reading and Happy Weekend!


Monday, 10 June 2019

#Booksread during May into June

Book Review time!

I have a few reviews and/ or ratings to do for fiction I've read during the end of April and into May. 

Here's one of them (#13 of 2019) that I'm delighted to recommend as being a great read set during an interesting time period, and a very intriguing setting. 

Overture by Vanessa Couchman 

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Marie- Therese, a young lady of many talents and great fortitude. Beginning at the turn of the twentieth century, Marie-Therese has the potential to be more than the fate set down by her parents who are small scale farmers in rural France. Marie-Therese finds insurmountable hurdles in continuing her education but the circumstances which then befall her make it almost impossible to make any choices of her own when she and her mother are forced to move away. 

Marie-Therese is a survivor and a realist. She retains a certain degree of innocence and avoids the traps of rancour but when possibilities for a different sort of future present themselves, she embraces the changes with an open heart and downright hard slog. There’s still an innocence about her many years later, especially when her romantic aspirations don’t keep in step with her professionally improved ones.

Frederic is an interesting character, and one I hope we learn more about in Book 2 of the series. When his fate seems to be very gloomy, I was visibly moved when reading that part of the story, invested so well in the development of his role in the novel.

Marie-Therese’s relatives– her parents, aunt and uncle – seem very realistic and very much a product of their era and traditional beliefs, residence in Paris in the first decade of the twentieth century not having tarnished their standards.

The downright nasty and mildly unpleasant characters are consistently mean – Fabre; at times her aunt; and a few other fellow performers – but fortunately they are outnumbered by the nicer ones throughout the story.

The author pens the specific era in France with great authority, and is excellent at painting realistic images of the settings. The characters interact seamlessly in their environments – in the rural and in the cities mentioned. 

I’d definitely recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys a historical tale, and especially to those interested in the Europe of pre-World War I or those who are opera fans!

This got a well-deserved 5* rating from me. 

More reviews to come soon.


Sunday, 9 June 2019

Interview My Character #BlogHop

Hello Sunday! 

The Historical Writers' Forum 'Interview My Character' Blog Hop has started this week. There will be a fabulous selection of characters for you to meet over the coming weeks and to make it easier for you to dip into the interviews, I'll be adding a tab at the top of this blog.

So far there are 2 interviews available  on the #BlogHop.

  • On Wednesday 5th June 2019 , it was Byrthnoth's (Author Christine Hancock) turn to be interviewed on Jen Black's Blog - What a fine young warrior for you to meet and to decide where his loyalties lie most! Catch that interview HERE

  • On Sat 8th June 2019, it was the turn of Lady Eleanor Elder (Author Derek Birks) to feature on Sharon Bennett Connolly's Blog. Eleanor's quite a force to be reckoned with. You'll enjoy meeting here HERE 
(p.s. You'll find a competition to #WIN a #FREE copy so remember to leave a comment on the blog post or on the Facebook Blog Hop Page

If you love to read, you'll really enjoy meeting this amazing bunch of characters, so look out for them and enjoy.