Wednesday, 1 April 2020

A gift in time of need #FREE copies

Wednesday Welcomes! 

Many of us are finding ourselves with more time on our hands due to the current Global COVID 19 health crisis. If you’re an avid reader, like I am, then it’s a good time to escape into a book and into another world – even if it’s just for a short time. 

During this last week, I have personally taken advantage of some of the great bargains, or Free copies available via Amazon. I heartily thank all of those authors who are doing what they can to make it easier for multitudes of readers to while away some delightful time.

For the next few days (1st – 3rd April 2020) I will also have two of my Ocelot Press titles FREE on Amazon and three other novels at 99p.

Just click the links if you have not yet read them, and want to escape into a historical novel or a contemporary mystery! I do hope you’ll enjoy my characters and the fabulous settings you’ll find them in.

If you can spare the time after reading the stories, it really does help to pop a few words on to an Amazon or Goodreads review. That way other readers will get an idea of how the book has been received, and hopefully thoroughly enjoyed.

Stay cool and take care!

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FREE 1st -3rd April 2020

#2 Celtic Fervour Historical Saga Series – After Whorl: Bran Reborn 

Contemporary Mystery Thriller - Topaz Eyes  

And… Have a look for the others at 99p!

Happy Reading. 


Friday, 27 March 2020

Ocelot Press series continues!

Hello everyone,

During this extremely harrowing time for many, and a surely sad and difficult time for pretty well everybody else, regarding the pandemic Coronavirus (COVID 19) situation, it's great when the internet can give us something different to focus on. 
I've, personally, been doing a lot of research reading about my favourite subject - Roman Britain - but that isn't exclusive because when another historical time period catches my eye, I'm spending time on that, too.
There's a super new post, continuing the Ocelot Press authors series, where you can catch up with important events in the Ricardian calendar. There are very many fans of Richard III, King of England,  who had a special celebration for the reburial of his remains which had been uncovered from a very unusual ( and not in any way appropriate) setting some years ago. 
Ocelot Press author Jennifer Wilson tells you all about it    HERE 

And I can definitely recommend reading The Last Plantagenet because it's a very entertaining 'What if this happened?' time slip novel. 


Friday, 13 March 2020

The Ocelot Press Blog new series continues!

Hello everyone!

If you need something to take your mind off Coronavirus then read on...

The new series over on the Ocelot Press Blog continues with my fellow Ocelot, Sue Barnard,  adding today's post.

If - like Sue, and me, and probably millions of others - you studied Shakespeare at secondary school, for an exam like I did for my O Grade English, then this post will resonate. And if you've come to studying Shakespeare from another route, this post should also still interest you.

The play Sue focuses on is 'Julius Caesar' but as with all of Sue's novels, there's a very fresh take on her writing when she sets the scene behind the curtains of an amateur dramatics group.

I highly recommend reading both Sue's entertaining post today, and the novel - The Unkindest Cut.

Just click here to read on the Ocelot Press blog and to get buy details.
(p.s. The ebook is only £1.99 and a great bargain!)