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  1. Dear Nancy, I have just read some of your Waverley Secondary School stuff - firstly I am also saddened to hear of the death of Andy Stirling, although a year and a half late in hearing this sad news. Next, I'm not clear what year you were in, relative to me. I'm afraid I didn't participate in school extra-curricular activities as much as you did. But it is a great read and thank you for taking care to note such details. I didn't fare too well academically at Waverley and have no-one to blame but myself. I did however blossom rather late and obtained a BSc from Sheffield Uni and a post grad qualification from Westmister Uni. I now teach histology and microscopy to under- and post- grad students at Guy's Medical School in London. I also regularly play flute and accordion in local traditional music sessions in South East London.
    Please pass on my regards to any former staff or pupils who may remember me.
    Many thanks
    Danny mackay

  2. Hi Nancy
    Enjoyed reading your blog about Waverley I also enjoyed the drama classes and Leslie Brown was a great influence in my life Sorry to hear about Andy Stirling I always loved the school camp at Dornoch I’m in that drama pic Happiest Days of our Life you posted
    George Paterson


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