Monday, 14 October 2013

Monday Moments from!

Happy Monday everyone!

It's actually raining, and there's a slight chill in the wind this morning - definitely autumnal weather.

My garden autumn clear out continues, with still plenty to do. I'm not fond of stripping out the summer bedding plants when they are still in full flower, so many of them are brightening up parts of my house, with the hope that I can keep some of the geraniums, begonias and fuchsias going over the winter. If they survive come spring, I'll take cuttings and grow new plants for the 2014 summer.

I'd normally leave them in my greenhouse over the winter, but my very ancient greenhouse is in very poor condition just now. A total renvovation is on the cards, the glass being so old it's cracking everywhere. Better still, if I could sell heaps of books I might manage to save up and buy a new greenhouse! I'll live in hope.

Today is going to be a day of decisions. I've got to decide on the name for my Celtic historical series, and confirm the name for what will become number 3 in that series. I've got some maps made of the Celtic tribes who are named in the next 2 novels in the series but...I've still to get my act together for the book trailers.

It's so easy to listen to lots of snatches of music and think- yes! that's good- yes! I like that one- Yes! That would be fantastic trailer music... it's bite the bullet day for decisions. Sourcing images for the trailers is quite a challenge since there are not so many inexpensive images that I can use, but that's going to be a large part of my day, as well.

Oh, and since I've got myself about 14 blogs to visit, so far, on my tour for my AFTER WHORL - BRAN REBORN December 16th launch I've got at least 14 articles to write. Maybe, if I work really hard, I'll squeeze in some writing for my Scottish Family Saga or book 4 in my Celtic series.

I'll leave you with a little photo of my cleared out summer patio area. I hadn't the heart to put everything on the compost heap just yet. It's not as colourful as before, but there's still just a hint of cheer as I look out of the window beside my desk.


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