Thursday, 24 October 2013

Thursday thoughts
Today is one of my half-days of offical childminding and half of whatever else I can do.

I'm now about to tackle more of the writing of my pre- publication blog posts for the blog tour I've got planned in December, for the launch of After Whorl- Bran Reborn, the second novel in my Celtic Fervour series of historical adventure romances.

I talked before, on some blog or other, about needing to gather my thoughts together to get the balance just right about including some historical information on these promo posts without divulging too much of the story line.

I'm just wondering what you might think if I included this lovely chap on the left as my Tribune of the day?

In my novel I have a really nice character- some of the time?  maybe most of the time? maybe almost never?  - who is a Roman Tribune. Now what is it about the illustration on the left that says this guy isn't a hunky tribune?

Would this second image be more fitting?

wikimedia commons

...and who might wear this helmet?

wikimedia commons

Keep checking my blog posts around December and you'll find I'm talking about my tribune- Gaius Livanus Valerius.
Till then have a good day...


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