Thursday 15 February 2024

Pre-Valentine's Day Promotion Banners 2

 Hello! It's Day 2 of presenting the banners I made for my recent promotion. 

What would your favourite be from this selection? 


Wednesday 14 February 2024

February pre-Valentine Promotion

 February 2024, so far, has been a busy and entertaining month for promotion. 

This year of 2024, I decided to do something a bit different in early February. I ran a promotion between February 1st through to 14th February with Before Beltane, the Prequel to the Celtic Fervour Series, being offered at 99p/ 99c across Amazon, along with Book 1 of the series, The Beltane Choice. 

As part of my promotion during that fortnight I created a number of banners to highlight the promo on Facebook, Twitter, Bluesky and on Instagram. I've thoroughly enjoyed making the graphics, simple to do and only taking around 15 minutes a day. 

I didn't create one for every single day, but for most as you can see below. In retrospect, I should have been displaying them on here each day, but it's too late for that. Instead, I'll post half of them today and the other half tomorrow (in case of system overload!) 








Which is your favourite so far?