Thursday, 17 October 2013

Organising what?

In 2 months time, I'm absolutely delighted that the second book in my Celtic Britain series will be published. After Whorl- Bran Reborn will be launched on the 16th December.  It's such a busy time to get anything done, so I'm already planning a book launch tour right now, and my publisher -Crooked Cat Publishing - has already organised a Facebook launch party. If you've not yet been invited, please forgive me but you'll be most welcome to join us. More details of the URL in a blog post nearer the time!

What's the value in doing a book tour? Actually, I'm not entirely sure, but the aim is that more people will learn about my new novel, will hopefully like the sound of it, and will buy a copy. It's such a great time of the year for people to buy it  - from themselves  - or to nominate it as a gift from someone who doesn't know what to buy. My long haul of months of writing it will be magically transposed to it becoming available at a price that will, do doubt, be less than the snack you snag as you do your festive shopping!

What does organbising the book tour mean for my current writing? Welll...quite a lot in that I'll find it difficult to keep adding new work since my daily writing slots will be taken up with creating guest posts  for all the places I'm visiting.

So far I've booked myself onto 13 places where a guest post I've written will be featured and a couple more where I'm being interviewed. Do I write random writing subjects for these visits? Or, should I write a series of semi- linked historically based yet light articles on the period covered in After Whorl- Bran Reborn? These are big decisions to make right now.

I'm veering towards the latter, but I'm off now to see what my Facebook friends will think of the idea of semi linked posts.

Updates later, but if you have some thoughts on this please leave me them in the comments box! I value your messages, but if they're posted anonymously - I'm sorry but I can't respond to them.

Have a lovely Thursday. 


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