Wednesday 4 May 2022

Reviews Matter!

Wednesday greetings to you! 

Before Beltane is now well and truly launched in both paperback and eBook formats, available from Amazon and in paperback from bookstores like Barnes and Noble, Waterstones and WH Smith. Paperbacks can be ordered via other independent bookstores.

I'm delighted to announce that it already has a couple of good reviews and that is a really great start. Reviews are not easy to acquire, so I'm very very pleased when any appear. 

Here are the first 2 on Amazon - one for the eBook and one for the paperback version (identical reading). 

5 stars

"The Prequel to the Celtic Fervour Series by Nancy Jardine is a very enjoyable read which takes the reader back to the early years of the first century AD in Iron Age Britain before the full Roman invasion of Brigantia. The book gives an early sense of the Celtic people and has something for every reader of historical novels."

4 Stars  - Historical Fiction at its Best

"In this prequel to the Beltane series we are shown into the lives of Lorcan and Nara and their adventures before they meet. Once again Nancy Jardine builds a clear detailed , well researched picture of life in Britain , with tribal differences and Roman invasion. The lives of Lorcan and Nara are ruled by their positions in society, cultural and spiritual rules. A thoroughly enjoyable read."

I need to spend some time tomorrow in making some more promotional material. It's a tough job getting any reviews so it's very good that I enjoy making the promotional posters. 

Happy Reading.

SlĂ inte!