Wednesday 31 August 2011

My very first guest -Calisa Rhose

Hi everybody.
I'd love you to give a big welcome to my very first ever guest, Calisa Rhose, who has brought something of herself to share with us. 'The pen of the dreamer', her blog name, is a vibrant and busy lady who squeezes in time for all sorts of things in her working day. Get comfy, settle down and let's get to know her a bit better. Huge thanks go to Calisa from me for being here today!

Hi Nancy! Whew! That was a super busy weekend. Family yardsale (I think I made about $3 lol), and a productive day of writing amid the fun. It's great to kick back with you and gab for a change. Thank you for inviting me to be your VERY first guest to your swank blogdom! I'll have that mocha with lots of whipped cream and chocolate syrup if you please.

I put some questions to Calisa-here are her answers.

1. Before you start a writing session do you do anything in particular to get focused?

I have to have my coffee before I even look at the computer. Other than that I think about the last scene or new pages to gear up again. Mostly I'm a pantser, so BICHOK is usually all I need to get going.

2. What did your most recent book idea develop from?

Oh, this is my first published book. It's a novella by pre-design for a series my local RWA chapter came up with last year. It came from a series of brainstorming sessions that spurred a few of us to submit to TWRP in particular.

3. How do you plan your writing day? Do you set aside time for blogging and email responses and a separate time for writing your WIP?

I don't plan. I write when it's quiet, when nobody is demanding my attention and any time between. I usually begin with checking email, blogging, checking other's know, anything to procrastinate as long as possible. Lol Then I dig in after a couple of cups of coffee.

4. How do you manage to keep your other commitments (family, work etc) from interrupting your flow of writing?

There's such a thing!? Lol I weave family throughout my writing day. I'm the type of writer that I can stop in the middle of a sentence to get someone a snack and get right back into the story again. So interruptions don't bother me-unless it's an intense scene. Then I make them wait if it's not critical.

5. What do you find helps you best to get through a good writing day (ie. loads of new pages added to WIP)?

I never thought about that but I guess it's liking the story I'm writing. If I connect with the characters it flows and I get excited and write more, faster. Cheers from my peers is also important to me. Having friends like you whom I can cheer on and get support from helps.

6. When you read for pleasure-what's your favorite genre?

Romance. Whether it's contemporary or paranormal (my two fave genres to write also) or the occasional historical, I can get lost in a good, well written book. Right now I'm reading a contemporary titled Jezebel's Wish by the fabulous AJ Nuest. *waves to AJ* Last week I read a super vamp book by Laura Kaye, Forever Freed. Who knows what next week might bring to the table? Maybe your own Monogamy Twist?

7. Does personal experience of travel, or memorable events, sneak into your writing?

I think it does for most writers in some small way, doesn't it? I mean, our own life experiences, or that of someone we know is what we know. We're told to write what we know and life is it for me. My first ms was about a horse rancher and a construction contractor. I'm a horse person and my hubby is a contractor, so that one was modeled after what I know most about. The characters were nothing like hubby or I, but I know those occupations/hobbies.

8. What are you working on currently and where can you be found?

I'm waiting for the release date for my debut short story, by WRP Vintage historical, HOME. I just started a new contemporary WIP (work in progress) last week about a fireman who has lost faith in himself as a human, and a widowed book store owner who is more comfortable hiding from life behind her preteen daughter.
I also have a paranormal series in the works about Native American wolf shapeshifters.

You can reach me through my website and blog:

Facebook/Calisa Rhose and on Twitter/Calisa_Rhose

Thanks again Nancy. I had a great time here today!

a huge thanks again to Calisa from me and thanks to all our friends who have joined us today!

ps I'm also curently reading Jezebels's Wish!!!

Sunday 28 August 2011

And the winner is...

Hi everybody!
And... the winner of my first ebook copy of Monogamy Twist is...LaVerne Clark. :-) Many thanks for your suggestion and hope you enjoy reading MT. Big thanks go to all who contributed to giving me ideas for moving forwards, and thanks to all who sent messages of 'Roses' support on the loop and on the blog.

Thursday 25 August 2011

Blogging with Calisa on 25th Aug

A big thank you to all who have responded to my 'give away'- either here on the blog, or by email loop.
It's really great that you've also popped in to visit Calisa today, we've appreciated it!
Been busy doing necessary stuff in my wonderful sunny and weedy garden and now I'm off to that WIP that's been neglected in favor of some very important things...

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Visiting Calisa Rose on the 25th Aug!!

Hi everyody.
No time to breathe....yet! Today I'm a guest on Calisa Rose's blog. Join her if you can and see what else is happening (apart from me being there, that is.) Here's the link:
See you! ...and Slainthe!

It's D for digital day today!

Hi everybody.

It's competition sort of...and posting lasts till Saturday 27th. August 2011.

I've got loads to please come in and help me, pick up your glass of champers and let's party!

Big chance for one of you lovely people to win an ebook copy of 'Monogamy Twist' since it's release day today. All the lucky winner has to do is read on and write a post giving me the best ideas of moving forward. You know, ideas like-where to post my new promo video( link below), what to do next to get reviews, where I should keep looking for reviews, etc.. Don't understand me? Don't worry...neither do I... but please just read on.

Ever had a night where you just don't sleep? Something exciting is going to happen the next day and it turns over and over in your mind and you just lie there and groan. Okay...groans are caused by all sorts of reasons...but let's stick with the 'I just can't stop the movie in my head' type. Well, strangely enough, I was pretty sure I wasn't going to sleep a wink last night since-(yipee! I'm doing cartwheels)- today is the release day for my ebook version of 'Monogamy Twist'. Excitement was building last night, the waiting time was nearly over, nearly but not get the drift.

But, guess what? I read for a couple of hours from a real paper historical romance and then...slept like a baby. And does anyone out there have any idea why?

Exhaustion is a pretty good word for why.
1) In the last ten days or so I've sold some of my lovely, shiny, brand new, (specially signed) print copies of my first ever book. Oh, there's a sigh of sheer relief and an 'I've done it!' squeal.
2)I've gone through the wonderful 'Helping Authors to Promote' leaflet and worked my way through as many of those ideas as I can. (Big thanks coming to TWRP for that) Lots of ticks still to go though.
3) I created a website for myself. (Pretty simple but all my own work so far)
4) The last few days I've spent learning how to make a book trailer and got it onto Youtube. I can hardly believe it, feel such an incredible sense of...achievement...for I'm not exactly computer literate. (Again almost all my own work. Hubby had to help a little bit with techno talk though and load up Movie Maker. Oh well...)
5) I've managed to follow (just a little) on my author loop at TWRP. Loked at peoples' blogs, commented just a tiny little...
6) My WIP has only had a little dabbling, and I'm desperate to get back to it. Oh dear!

7) But I have also helped paint the nursery in advance of the arrival of my very first grandchild-due date one week from now. I have to be totally honest and say helping my very pregnant daughter... tops the list every time... and that's where I'm off to again for a little break from the eyestrain of b
eing on the laptop.

Maybe THAT'S why I'm exhausted.

I don't know how all you lovely authors out there do this stuff all the time!!! I'm so impressed with the energy some of you guys have.

So...come right in and help me celebrate the release of my ebook today by posting me the greatest suggestions for what I should concentrate on next. Ahem...that is apart from being active on this very static BLOG so far... It's one of those ticks not yet achieved.

One ebook of 'Monogamy Twist' all ready to go... Look forward to hearing from you and a big thanks in advance.

Slainthe! (that's a very big CHEERS from me)

Monogamy Twist book trailer

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Today is the best!!

Wow! Have I died and gone to heaven?, not exactly but I was feeling pretty heavenly when the box arrived on my doorstep. You're going to say -which box was that? THE BOX. The box containing my first print copies of Monogamy Twist. My very first ever published novel! What a feeling... Champers here I come.

So smooth to the touch, cool to handle, pure and virginal, ready to be explored and savoured... am I still talking about my book? Mmm.

Friday 5 August 2011

In print already!

I can hardly believe it. It's only the 5th August and The Wild Rose Press are now selling the print version of Monogamy Twist. Loooking for a late summer read? Follow the link below!