Tuesday 30 April 2024

Before Beltane!


Today Tuesday 30th April is indeed Before Beltane but only just. The Celtic festival of Beltane is when the month of April slides in to to the 1st May. 

Today was a good day to remind readers that the Prequel to my Celtic Fervour Series all happens before Beltane. Both Lorcan of the Brigantes and Nara of the Selgovae tribes find their lives are in complete upheaval. Nothing is going according to a life plan for either of them and change, huge change is about to happen.

Not only are they thrust into dangers but their lives are foretold differently from they expect. Lorcan's meeting with the druid means an unexpected glimpse into his new future. And for Nara?  Being unexpectedly banished from her nemeton priestess home means a vastly different lifestyle. 

You can meet Nara and Lorcan in Before Beltane before they meet each other in Book 1 of the series - The Beltane Choice. 

Click HERE to get a copy.


Friday 19 April 2024

Novice Threads is up on NetGalley!

Good morning!

The sun's trying to peek out occasionally in amongst the many showers here in my part of Scotland, but the day is great because I've a new venture to mention.

When I've launched a new eBook in recent years, I've wondered how to use the best methods of getting the message across that the book is now available. I'd noticed other authors getting reviews via a site called #NetGalley but knew little about it. It seemed that early reviews even before publication day were possible via this site, so this time around I made a point of finding a route to get Novice Threads onto NetGalley. 

It's now up there for a pre-launch month, so if you are one of the reader/ reviewers who use NetGalley here's the link to access Novice Threads

Or...Pre-Order on Amazon

Novice Threads, Book 1 of The Silver Sampler Series, is also available to buy at a special Pre-order price of £1.99/ equivalent $2.99 on Amazon till launch day on 15th May 2024.  That link is HERE

Now I'm off to do more work on Book 2 of the  series. 

Enjoy your reading.


Sunday 7 April 2024

Novice Threads Paperback version is on the way soon!

Happy Sunday to you...

...or what might be left of it depending on where you live.

Apart from spending time creating new banners for promoting my Pre-order for the kindle version of Novice Threads, I've been tooth-combing the paperback manuscript to get it published as soon as possible. The manuscript has been re-read so many times I'm not sure what to call it any more. Was the last foray my last proofread, or my last edit, or my last formatting?

Formatting the paperback version is a job I quite like to do, however, it's difficult to decide when I don't need to plod through it another time, and it's a done deal. I'm hoping to get the paperback wraparound file created this week by my designer (using the front cover as you see here) and then I'll upload everything to the Ingram Spark printing facility. After yet another read of the printed version when the copy pops into my letterbox a few days later,  I'll be uploading it to Amazon KDP if it's perfect. Fingers crossed.  

Till then, I'll show off some of my Pre-Order banners which, by the way, indicate the Special Pre-Order price of £1.99/ Equivalent which will run till the eBook/ Kindle publishing day on 15th May 2024. If you want a bargain, pre-order it now!

Maybe tomorrow I can get back to writing Book 2 of my trilogy? I hope so.