Saturday, 19 October 2013

Slow Saturday

rain on bergenia and sedum

Not much is going to happen on here today since my internet connections keep failing, the signal strength extremely poor. I had thought to do another historically themed post about Celtic Britain but it will have to wait for another day. 

It's also been a day of depressing rain, so no gardening for me, but what I might manage are...a few rainy photos. 

Since I hate wasting time messing about waiting for painfully SLOW connections, I've decided to read one of the great historical novels awaiting me on my kindle (no great hardship for me really). 

What about you?

If you're also looking for a Saturday read then perhaps try one of my novels? 

Escape into a long ago past - THE BELTANE CHOICE has great 5 * reviews stating it's "... all the Celtic Britain adventure you'll ever need..."

Steep yourself in a complex family tree mystery in TOPAZ EYES where not all the third cousins are trustworthy - but who can be? And who will unearth the long lost Mughal jewellery collection? 

Or fly with Aela and Nairn in TAKE ME NOW to worldwide destinations, conducting business for Nairn but also to find the perpetrators of corporate sabotage. Aela loves to whiz off from Nairn's Scottish island castle in his prized floatplane. His jet's great to fly as well! 

MONOGAMY TWIST is another ancestral mystery - a very sensual one where Luke needs to find out who bequeathed him Greywood Hall in Yorkshire, England. The 'Dickensian-style' conditions are something he needs a woman like Rhia to fulfill for him. But can she find out about Amelia in time? 

Just one click on the sidebar icon can take you to a purchase...or you'll find them available at Barnes and Noble; Apple iTunes; Smashwords; W.H. Smiths and Waterstones on line. They're also available at the Crooked Cat Bookstore and in the Wild Rose Press's own bookstore. 

Loads of places!  

But... if you're looking for something else to read why not browse the Crooked Cat Bookstore for a truly wonderful, quality selection HERE
Happy Saturday. 


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