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#Monday Moments with Catalyst by Nik Morton.

My #Monday Moments are about Catalyst by Nik Morton.

I recently read this amusing novel and I've added my thoughts on it today. Nik Morton is a prolific author who has many novels in different fiction sub genres, published over more than a decade. Nik's BLOG is constantly busy with lots of different 'writerly' information and is well worth a visit.

Catalyst, a person that precipitates events.
That's Catherine Vibrissae. Orphan. Chemist. Model. Avenging Cat. She seeks revenge against Loup Malefice, the man responsible for the takeover of her father's company. An accomplished climber, Cat is not averse to breaking and entering to confound her enemies.

Ranging from south of England to the north-east, Wales and Barcelona, Cat's quest for vengeance is implacable. But with the NCA hot on her tail, can she escape the clutches of sinister Zabala and whip-wielding Profesora Quesada?

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 About Nik Morton...

Nik served for over twenty years in the Royal Navy, appropriately as a Writer, then went into IT. He has sold many short stories andedited several books and magazines. In 2003 he and his wife Jennifer moved to Spain. In February 2011 he was hired as the editor-in-chief of the US publisher, Solstice Publishing. Blood of the Dragon Trees is Nik’s 18th book to be published – since 2007.
Also, this year his books Write a Western in 30 Days and Wings of the Overlord, a fantasy quest jointly written with Gordon Faulkner, will be published.
Nik’s thriller, Blood of the Dragon Trees and the short story collection, Spanish Eye and Sudden Vengeance are all available now.
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My thoughts about Catalyst...

This was an amusing read from start to finish. Vengeance takes many forms but it doesn’t necessarily leave a good taste in the mouth for Catherine Vibrissae- there are some recurring regrets. Catherine has a grand plan and not much is going to deflect her from fully carrying it through, yet reading of such important deeds doesn’t have to be a serious business as we find out in Catalyst! Her skills are numerous, but I loved that the author, Nik Morton, manages to inject her competence with a degree of quiet dignity. Preconceived notions about the past aren’t always entirely accurate and Cat has much to learn as the adventure unfolds.
In the throes of her daring exploits, it’s easy to follow her inner thoughts. The use of italics for these thoughts, I personally find a little distracting though they do allow me to get to know Catherine, in her different guises, a bit better.
Rick Barnes is a character who is easy to like and I particularly found his physiological talents quite funny. To say more might spoil things for the potential reader but if you’re looking for a quick and satisfying read, I can thoroughly recommend Catalyst. I’m definitely looking forward to Book 2 in the series.

I really wanted to give this novel 4 and 1/2 stars on Amazon but they don't do halves! (the above is a reblogged review)


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  1. Hi Nancy, thanks for the review and the comments; a lovely surprise. Greatly appreciated! Next Cat adventure CATACOMB is due out on 20 October.


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