Saturday, 8 August 2015

#99p/0.99 euros #Grab them now!

Here's a bit more for you to look at, and more books to choose from, today!
My very good friend Ailsa Abraham from Crooked Cat Publishing sent me over this brilliant poster to share! 

Read on to get the information on buying these great books from Ailsa.  

A Gift of a Price!

Fantastic imagination! Alchemy and Shaman's Drum start where we are, look at our current world-problems and propose solutions. Would they work? What would other consequences be? Finally, would it all be worth it?
In amongst this tale that is part science-fiction, solidly based in pagan study, a couple fall in love. Unfortunately, they are forbidden to do so and the question “how will it work out for them?” joins other imponderables in the plot.
Reduced in price on Amazon from today to 99cents or pence per e-book. Follow the links to grab your Ailsa's Birthday Bonus

Alchemy Page on Ailsa's Website
Shaman's Drum Page

Best wishes for a great sale- Ailsa. 


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