Saturday, 22 August 2015

#guest blogging about TAKE ME NOW at Carol Hedges

Happy Saturday!

It's a fine morning here in north-east Scotland. The sun is shining with only some 75% cirrocumulus clouds hanging up there- just waiting to merge a bit later on this morning. According ot the weather man, that is. 

I'm not too bothered since I'm off on a virtual jaunt to the south of England to be a guest of Carol Hedges where I'm taking up space on her PINK SOFA. 

You'll catch me there, talkng about why Crooked Cat Publishing are spectacular in publishing lots of novels- like TAKE ME NOW - which don't fit neat pigeonholes in the novel category bible used by Amazon and other fiction stores. 

 Carol's PINK SOFA

p.s. I've added Carol's blog URL to my list of places visited already on my mini TAKE ME NOW tour. You'll find all these host blogs on the right sidebar of this blog. Click the links to catch up, if you've missed my posts. 


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