Monday, 14 November 2011

Wanting and needing

A romantic novel breaks down to some very basic elements, two of which, I believe, are wanting and needing. When does want become need? And does that stay a need? If it does, it seems to me, your characters have crossed that final line to a more permanent relationship. As authors, how you get to that point can vary hugely…and the build up is what makes the very best of novels. For some the heat of attraction ramps up very quickly…others may have a slow burn to get there. What do you think about this extract from MONOGAMY TWIST- does Rhia just want Luke…or do you think she’s crossed that fine line?

Rhia drowned in her own need. She reached up to him at the very instant he bent to her, lust no longer to be denied. She couldn’t wait another second or she’d just die. She wanted his lips on hers. She needed him to touch her all over and stop the utter sexual torment.

“Kiss me?”

Rhia wasn’t sure if the request came from her own lips, but it didn’t matter since they were both on the same page. Luke’s mouth plundered hers. His arms became a tight band around her. Their lips melded, gently to begin with, but she’d been waiting too long for finesse. He demanded she open her mouth to him allowing his tongue to savor; she complied. Their tongues shifted, sliding sinuously around, tasting and teasing each other, drawing a groaning response from her.

Through their mingled breaths she heard him murmur, “Bella. You taste so good,” before he swooped in again for a thorough gorging.

When they surfaced Rhia couldn’t draw a proper breath.

Luke touched his forehead to hers and held her tight. “Cara,” he whispered. “You’re entrancing.” He captured her lips again with an urgency that wouldn’t be halted.

Rhia thought just maybe her urgency was greater than his.


  1. Whoo Hoo! Ah, yeah. I gotta go with "need" on this one. Great excerpt, Nancy. This story sounds AWESOME!


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