Friday, 25 November 2011

Normal marriage proposals

Flower arrangements, stunning in their elegant containers. Candelight flickering in the cozy gloom. Champagne sparkling in tall crystal flutes. Ambience abounding. Soft sexy music playing on a clarinet in the background.
That might sound like a very romantic setting. Would you say that is what every woman dreams of in a marriage proposal?
If you read the excerpt below you could, perhaps, tell me what might be just a little bit out of the norm expected-if the above is the romantic dream ? Or even tell me what's absolutely, and definitely, wrong with it?

Luke’s nod was reluctant. “Saturday then. We’ll get married this Saturday.” Already his mind had worked out the cancellations and rescheduling he’d need to do. Not to mention persuading the Registrar yet again.

There was a definite gulp. He couldn’t help but hear it.

“No. We’ll compromise,” Rhia insisted, unwilling to back down. “Make it ten days from now. That’s half of the time normal people wait.”

“Ten days?” Luke repeated, amazed at her dead seriousness, yet impressed by her bargaining. Her jaw was antagonistic, but in a strange way her tenacity added to her allure. She was the most unpredictably arousing female he’d ever encountered.

He acquiesced, knowing the marriage certificate was legally necessary, but since the lawyer had granted the usual three weeks declaration of banns, her time scale still met that requirement. He’d wait ten days for the paperwork but not ten days to have sex with her. That was much too much to concede, but first he’d show her how he could compromise.

“Okay. We’ll have the ceremony in two weeks.” His answer was equable but gave her none of his reasoning.

Good manners prevailed as she nodded back. “Thank you. Well, what else have you sorted out?” she asked as though the earlier animosity was no longer needed.

Yes. Well.....



  1. Nancy,

    I love the excerpt. It sounds like a marriage of convenience story to me, so obviously the 'perfect proposal' will have to take a back seat in this case!


  2. Hi Debra. I think you might be pretty 'nail on the head'! Thanks for visiting!


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