Thursday, 17 November 2011

Book Piles and Dabbling

Who doesn't have a TBR (to be read) pile of books?
I definitely do but more than that during the course of a couple of days I realised just how much I dabble with a whole lot of books, and read from a wide variety of genres. Especially so, since I wanted to attempt to put a Scottish element onto the blog as much as possible over the course of my challenge-posting every single day of November. The internet has given me lots of information, but I've dipped into old favourites, too, when I've been planning these Nov. entries.

The little photos on the left show a few of the books in my recent dabbling pile...and how scattershot my mind must be at times. Okay, You're right! If you look closely at the pile you can see I'm cheating a bit. Let's take a wee look!

Poetry: I went hunting for some Scottish poetry to add to the blog. What have I looked at most...and not just for posting? Robert Burns...of natural choice anyway. But wait, if I want to do something Scottish I can't forget the Poets of the North-East of Scotland (since I've lived up here for nigh on 25 years now)...and there's that lovely old copy of J.D.Cocker who has some interesting wee ditties in a general Scottish vernacular. (FYI: the pile of poetry books rejected for the photoshoot is huge!)

Plays: None of the top photo are directly Scottish but are ones I like. I went searching for my copy of Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'. I have it upstairs, but since 'Twelfth Night' is my favourite Shakeaspeare play I put it in the photo-but Macbeth will be somewhere on the blog! There's a book of Restoration Comedies because they're fun. I was going to add David Lindsay's 'Ane Satyre of the Three Estates' to my main photo but wasn't sure if ancient Scottish politics is your thing! Added it to the second photo instead...(Must read it soon though since it might be very topical!)

YES, the cheat: I've sneaked in a couple of DVD covers since I couldn't excavate my own copy of Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice from the box room...and Tolkein's 'Lord of the Rings' since my copies would take up the whole space in the photo. So in a way those books are not only novels here they're also screenplays. Again my Scottish plays were not easily routed but my own teenage Thespian days were steeped in school Drama Club renditions of James Scotland's plays. Added the few scripts I've still got here: Halloween, Himself When Young and Wild Geese at Midnight. (Was in a few others but don't have the script copies any more!)

Scottish traditional Tales: I looked out a huge pile from my collection but have included only a couple here. 'Harry Potter' might just appear on the blog since there's the J.K. Rowling Scottish connection!

Jokes books: Oh groan, yes indeed, I've also got a collection of these as well. Scottish Jokes (Scottish Sunday Post 1950s varieties), Scottish Proverbs, old Scottish granny sayings...etc.

Scottish History: Yep! Got lots of these out and have dabbled to find out info on castles etc...

Novels: Ah, yes the novels. a random sort of selection? No, not really. My 'Folio' Collectors copy of Henry Fielding's 'Tom Jones' is taken out every now and again over the years and reread. You can almost say he started the trend in NOVEL reading! Well, well...there's my own 'Monogamy Twist'. Just a plug? Well, not really since I have been dabbling in it for excerpts to put on the blog during November. And the Historical Harlequins (Mills and Boons) are the most recent hot off the press ones from my book club pile. The Unconventional Maiden by June Francis is just finished, and 'Marrying the Captain' by Carla Kelly - I'm half way through.

And is this my TBR pile?
Oh no!
I have a long list of fellow TWRP (The Wild Rose Press) authors' books on my kindle to be read as soon as I finish WRITING my own Historical, and before I get back to WRITING my newest contemporary.
I love Reading!..and Writing...
Don't you?

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