Monday, 7 November 2011

Making enormous decisions.

Making decisions can be so life-changing. Perhaps to do with health, wealth, leisure, holidays, where to live... So much, and so many possibilities. One seemingly small decision can ricochet and have multiple outcomes-and that's just LIFE.
What kind of decisions have you ever made that have been incredibly life-changing? Share them-if you can!
Authors make decisions every single day in their writing, some of those momentous, and it was no different when I was writing MONOGAMY TWIST.
What are Rhia and Luke deciding on today? Read on to find out.

“You’re crazy! That’s coercion.” Rhia’s hackles rose, against this man who now put forward such a cold businesslike proposal for his serious gaze told her he did mean business. “Why would I do that? Why would I marry you? I don’t even know you.” Her body, without doubt, had its own mysterious knowledge of this mesmerizing man, yet her mind rebelled at his hard-nosed tone.

“Rhia, you don’t need to know me. You don’t need to love me. You just have to sign the paper that says you’re my wife.” Luke catalogued the details as he stood in front of her.

“You can’t make me do that!” Rhia retorted, wishing for time to think because part of her was aware that a lot of what he said was lucrative, both for potential earnings and for valuable experience. “I’d have to put my personal life on hold for a whole year.” She wasn’t going to tell him that her personal life wouldn’t be much different from the last year and that by choice she’d had very little social life since moving to the isolated cottage.

“It’s only a year.” Luke’s tone softened a hint, his dramatic sigh at her reactions spoiled by the sassy smile on his face.

Rhia squeezed her eyes shut on his cajoling green depths and sneaky lips so she could think her way through this bizarre proposal, or whatever the hell it was. She felt his breath on her cheeks again as he bent forward to whisper.

“It’s not that long.”

With his proximity lust roared right back in. Why did the infernal man have to smell so incredibly good? Just the right blend of masculine fragrance and…what? Arousal? Oh God! Rhia’s womb clenched, and her nerve endings tingled.

If she started to live with this man she didn’t think an eternity would be enough, not if the current attraction continued. And what if it was only to be a paper marriage? How could she be around him every day and not follow up on the attraction? Never.

“You can’t expect me to do that!”

“Sure I can,” Luke replied looking oddly pleased by her vehement rebuttals. Rhia didn’t understand that at all!

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  1. What a beautiful blog!

    I tried to post once, and didn't make it, so if this is here twice, my apologies.

    It's kind of horrifying that I think I've occasionally given more concentrated thought to changing book protagonists' lives than I have to my own.

  2. Thanks for joining me, Liz...and yes, I have to agree with your statement.

  3. Curious, Nancy. And since I haven't got to read it yet, I don't know what it is they are deciding. :) I can't wait to find out, though.

  4. Hi Calisa. Keep checking to read more snippets this week and next.


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