Sunday, 13 November 2011

Ochone! - Did anyone ever use this in writing?

Ochone! ....indeed it was used in this poem by W. D. Cocker who loved to write in the vernacular, mainly that of the Aberdeenshire of the early/mid 1900s.

The Kelpie. What was a kelpie? A shape-shifting water demon, in the form of a horse, the kelpie haunted rivers and fords and lured the unwary into the water. Once a human was lured onto its back the kelpie's skin would become sticky, the prey became trapped, and the kelpie slipped down into the depths of the water. Maybe to its linn, a deep pool often under a waterfall, where the kelpie had a nice feast! The nasty water demon was said to particulary like children!

Other tales, some very recently created, have the kelpie shape-shifting to a beautiful woman...or even....a beautiful man

Recent popularity of writing in the supernatural genre has meant authors have used all sorts of tales as their inspiration. The kelpie is only one of those magical creatures that has triggered the imagination.

My question for you today would be: Whit dae ye think A kelpie maun be like?

The Kelpie by W.D. Cocker

O, wha would ride by the river side,

Wha for a wager would ride or rin

In the mirk o’ nicht, when there’s nae mune licht,

An’ the kelpie is plowterin’ deep in his linn?

In the mirk o’ nicht, when there’s nae mune licht,

It’s I for a wager would ride or rin;

Wi’ my guid braid sword I will cross the ford

Though the kelpie be plowterin’ deep in his linn.

Bethink ye, laird, hoo the gangrel fared (gangrel:vagrant)

That waesome nicht at the ford lang syne.

He was a caird, an’ I’m a laird! (caird: a tinker, an able-bodied begggar)

I fear nae kelpie. Steer roun’ the wine.

He has drained the cup, he is oot an’ up,

On his braw, black steed he has taen the gate;

Noo wi’ mony a qualm gaes roon the dram

As his freens jalouse what maun be his fate.

There’s a horse gaen gyte, wi flanks faem-white,

Comes rampin’, stampin’ hame to the ha’,

An’ fa’s deid in the yaird-but, ochone! for the laird-

The kelpie has gotten him, banes an’ a’!

Anything not understood just let me know!


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