Friday, 18 November 2011

Going down with the sun


It's the end of the day. The sun is setting, the sky darkening, vivid hues colouring the skyline- remnants of a beautiful day. The faint blues meld into purples and pinks with a faint peachy glow. Dark shadows of fronding trees feather the skyline. Soon complete darkness will descend, and the light show will rest till the new day.

Is that the same for my writing? Not quite. At the end of the day am I saying that's it? All done for today? That manuscript is now complete-absolutely all done and dusted? The new day will bring a new novel, a bright new start?

Well, some night soon that will be the case.

That night I will have finished the current one sitting on the editing pile. I will have checked it thoroughly and have it presentable for going to a publisher. But wait? Is the synopsis also ready? Is my cover letter written and correctly dated? Have Igot the correct pitch in it to sell it? Am I sending to the most appropriate publisher for the content?

Loads of questions will still go to bed with me...and some I'll have the correct answers for.

Then what happens?

Whopee! A letter back from a publisher months later! Will I now send the complete manuscript? You can bet on it! You want a hard (print) copy as well as electronic? Wow!

Going to bed now...and is the printer ready to print out 300+ pages? Erm...not quite...

See you when I've got this sorted out!

Happy sleeping to youXXXXX

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