Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A dug or cat kin be yer freen

A dug or cat kin be yer freen- A dog or cat can be your friend.

How much do you rely on your pet (dog or cat, or anything else) to be your friend and confidant? Do you unconsciously talk to your pet as you work/write? Do you ask questions out loud knowing you might have someone listening at your side? Do you answer those questions in the voice of your pet- just in case the pet in question is not paying enough attention to your questions? Got that? Go on, tell us what you do!

Not having any kind of pet I'm not exactly sure what you do...but I'd love to know if they really help the muse along!

Here's a play version of what Rhia in MONOGAMY TWIST is saying to to her dog Thor on first meeting Luke(or what would be if narrative didn't come into the original) :

Stage directions: Rhia is holding onto Thor’s collar as she views (from a safe distance) the intruder who is checking all the windows in the dilapidated house.

Rhia: “Quiet Thor!”

Stage directions: Rhia whispers in Thor’s ear. He snuffles alongside her .

Rhia: “Wow! He’s a big strapping guy, Thor. Can you see all that dark hair? It’s long enough to touch the neck of his shirt, all thick and gorgeous. Bet running my hands through all those waves would be just like fingering your lovely coat…my gorgeous boy.”

Stage directions: Rhia cuddles into Thor’s lovely coat. Thor just loves the attention and growls very quietly, satisfied with his beautiful mistress’s hands sliding through his long hair.

Rhia: “Take a look at him! Look at that soft polo shirt pulling across those magnificent shoulders when he stretches right up to the top of the window frame. Oh, my! Jeeze, Thor, I didn’t know I had such a lust-driven imagination… look at those powerful thighs in those neat jeans!”

Stage directions: Rhia is whimpering quietly alongside Thor who is doing his best to shield Rhia from the sight of the man who is taking all his mistress’s attention away from him.

Rhia: “ Must be the sun today, Thor…I’m so, so hot. Or maybe it’s just that guy over there! Sexy devil!”

Go on...tell me what you're saying to your pet...



  1. Lol Cute rendition, Nancy. I do talk to my pets. My horse gets a lot of the sadness, my dog, a tiny five pound Chihuahua gets the cuddles and the Jack Russell gets the ear scratches and what ifs. Fun post lady.

  2. Thanks for coming! Maybe I should get a pet?

  3. I don't talk to my dogs too much. I DO talk out loud - they're usually in the other room. However, my little blonde mini schnauzer rescue? She's my muse. I can't write unless she'd wedged behind me in my office chair.

  4. Hope you don't stand on her, Sarah!

  5. I talk to my doggy, but usually I talk for him.... yes, I have a silly Winston voice as I imagine what's going through his head! (Although I don't talk the way Rhia does! It's mostly food related!)

  6. Thank you for popping in! I'll say hi to W next time I see him but not sure if he's 'ma freen' yet!


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