Sunday, 6 November 2011

On a cold and frosty morning

It's November. Sunday the 6th to be more precise.

Brrr. Cold and frosty.

What was Rhia doing early on the first frosty November morning that she spent with Luke?

Snuggling further down under the duvet! Ignoring her beloved dog, Thor, who was doing his ususal bit of yowling outside their bedroom door, that's what! The central heating system had been installed, and was working perfectly well in the progressively more renovated Greywood Hall. Not the point, though. Who wants to get up when the frost crackles on the grass and the cold nips at your nose, never mind your toes? Luke wasn't keen on getting up to take Thor for his early morning jaunt either, so what do YOU think they did instead?

Read Monogamy Twist and you'd definitely have a good idea of what!

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