Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Two sides of the coin to win a free PDF copy of 'Monogamy Twist' today.

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It's now a day short of 3 months since the release of my Champagne Rose 'Monogamy Twist' printed by The Wild Rose Press. To celebrate I'm giving away a free PDF copy of it to one random lucky winner who answers on the blog today. Keep reading ...if you haven't yet read 'Monogamy Twist' and would like a free gratis copy! Or...please keep reading anyway if you have read it!

Here's a little snippet from 'Monogamy Twist'. When writing the novel I asked myself a lot of questions along the way. Now I'm putting a few to you. How would you develop these pieces if they were 'stand alone' snippets and needed development?

The first little bit has my lovely Rhia wondering just exactly what she has got herself into. What do you think she might do next? Will she go on with the meeting? Or will she make an excuse and make a quick exit?

On arrival, her breath hitched. Luke stood sentinel at the top of the short flight of stairs by the entryway. Her heart lurched. He was every bit as gorgeous as she’d thought two days before. The expensive dark suit was faultless, a collar and tie neatly in place—very formal. He stood as though he was master of all he surveyed. And wasn’t that appropriate. This man was way out of her league!

Her composure deflated: she felt nervous and exposed. She’d had plenty of time that morning to consider what she’d agreed to. Unfortunately she wasn’t convinced she could follow through on their agreement. The research part of the contract she’d have no issue with at all. Living in the same house she could probably manage. But being contract lovers? Then saying goodbye? Good heavens! Like the so-called sex buddies in novels, where partners only arranged to meet for recreational or stress-busting sex. That was an entirely different state of affairs.

She didn’t think she could manage that. But then again how on earth could she have been so affected by him that she’d fallen into his arms the way she had done the last time they’d met? It was bewildering, and she hated feeling all at sea. She liked her life orderly and planned. She liked to know she was in control of what she was doing.

This situation was way out of her control.

His lifestyle was on another planet from hers. But Luke had seen her approach. She couldn’t back out now, so swallowing her insecurity she straightened her spine and drew nearer, stemming the trembles that threatened to make her trip over the cobbles of the driveway.

What about Luke? Is he totally mercenary in his intentions? Does he imagine she has some shady flaw that might cause him a problem later? Do you reckon he will bother even if he does uncover something that's a bit murky in her past?

Rhia was lovely. Perversely Luke didn’t want her to be so attractive.

Personally, all he needed was her name on the dotted line on their marriage certificate. Professionally, he needed her considerable research skills, for he now knew she’d had a glowing career as a research assistant with great future possibilities at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, where she’d gone after graduation from Oxford. He knew only the very best got such plum jobs, but something had made her resign from those great prospects to come and live in the Yorkshire Dales and set up her own internet business. Plenty of people did that kind of thing—of course they did—but what were her motivations for moving from the metropolis to the boondocks? Why? He didn’t yet know but in the fullness of time he’d find out.

Pragmatically speaking if he needed to be married to someone for a year it would be better all round if he could get on with the woman on a daily basis. But to desire the person? That was something else entirely.

I'd love to hear your answers to those little questions posed. To be in the draw for my free PDF copy all I need is something about Rhia's intentions...and to make it nice and challenging...something about Luke too!!



  1. wow i love the way you did this and then i love different way you do the characters i love the pic you have on here two


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