Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Squirreling away the facts...

Welcome to Wednesday!

Research. Do you love it or hate it? Do you opt to do some more research just because you feel like it or because it will have some immediate benefit?

Personally I'm hooked and call any historical non- fiction reading that I've been doing lately -all in the nature of research. It's maybe not ALL necessary for any new writing I'm doing for my #Celtic Fervour Series but there's something new to be found on almost every page, or something I'd forgotten from an earlier book. I know that I'm not going to use any new facts immediately in my WIP writing but I'm fairly sure it'll be useful at a later stage for some of my activities whether it be for my fiction writing or for my new pastime- by that I mean my public speaking events.

My recent dabbling into my new book collection has developed into a thorough read of all of the historical non-fiction books that now grace my bookshelves. Homemade bookmarking slips will remain in places as markers for that future day when I want to access the information again. I can do this with my printed books but not so easily with my kindle ones, though the bookmarking facility is there to be learned better!

I'm currently working my way anti-clockwise from the 'English Heritage - Hadrian's Wall' at the one o'clock position, which I read last week. I'm a good way through a thorough read of the book at the top left in the photo (Roman Britain A New History  by Guy de la Bedoyere). It's very readable, the author's interpretation quite an interestingly and refreshingly honest one regarding the unreliability of only taking archaeological interpretative sources as the truth...or alternatively only taking the 'ancient 'historical' texts about Roman Britain as the truth. I like how he is stressing it needs a mix of both ...and then a sensible judgement made.

It's all quite soothing since I'm wabbit and nursing a disgusting 'blocked ear-to-ear' cold. Nodding off for an afternoon nap isn't in the plan but ...I'm not discounting it either.


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