Friday, 27 November 2015

Black Friday bargain ebooks!

Today is that commercialised frenzy named BLACK FRIDAY! 

If I said I don't indulge I'd be telling lies...but I don't rush out to join massive queues at the lager stores to snap up bargains. I do pick up some fantastic bargains but they're always new ebooks to add to my kindle pile.

Of course, there's more than one way for an author to view a book selling at 99p during the Black Friday Sale on Amazon. Some abhor the practice since they have virtually no royalties from any books sold and I totally understand that monetary (lack of) aspect. On the other hand, there's also the hope that it will encourage more readers to indulge in different genres or indeed the hope that the sales will encourage more people to read novels!

My ebooks are not highly priced at any time, so I'm not making huge returns on the sale of a novel that's never higher than £2.99. When my ebooks are sold at 99p it means almost no profit to me at all but I have to come at it from the less than commercial angle and decide that if I sell 20 ebooks at 99p then 20 more people will hopefully have read my novel. Selling that same book at £2.99 might generate only a few sales over the same SALE duration, which means a lot fewer potential readers.

During a sale like the present Black Friday Sale, I tend to buy Crooked Cat ebooks written by my fellow authors at the Crooked Cat Cattery and some might say that's being a cheapskate. Whether I am,  or not, I can pick up 10 ebooks for £10 rather than only 3, or maybe 4, of the releases from the newer authors. I would probably eventually buy them at whatever price they regularly are sold at but buying at 99p means that I'm likely to read them a bit sooner.

One drawback I have to watch out for is that sometime books bought during sales end up temporarily lost. They're somewhere on my kindle system but because of my 'Buy with one click option' on Amazon, I sometimes forget where to send them to. My Samsung tablet is what I tend to use most for reading novels just now so I'll be sure to look out for my 10 new novels purchased today appearing on them!

All of my novels can be bought today for the ridiculously low price of £ 7.92 (7 novels + a story in an anthology). Just click this link HERE to view them.


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