Friday, 27 November 2015

Roman Britain A New History by Guy de la Bedoyere

I'm catching up with those short reviews again.

I’ve recently been poring over a lot of Roman Britain History books and have found Roman Britain A New History by Guy de la Bedoyere of the best so far. This will be a great ‘go to for reference’ book for me in the future when I want to revisit something the author has included. 

The writing style makes it very easy to read, and the information is given in a continuously absorbing manner. The illustrations are excellent and best of all I like that the author doesn’t fudge any issues. When the evidence for something is thin on the ground- archaeologically speaking- he states it quite clearly and makes no bones about the resultant speculation being just that –speculation. One of the aspects I love about reading Roman Britain texts is the varied interpretations the author puts on something depending on their own viewpoint.

I gave this 5 stars on Amazon and Goodreads because it was perfect for my needs; was highly readable; was excellently edited and very well presented.

I'd recommend this for anyone like me who is an amateur historian yet one who wants more detail than the average general history book. 


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