Friday, 6 November 2015

Selling the wares...

Familiarising Friday!

It's been a hectic week but I've been busy selling my books today at a local Christmas Craft Fair at Thainstone Mart. This is a yearly event and a fairly big one on the calendar for local crafters as it's a 2 day event focused as a pre-Xmas spree.

After a slight hitch when my advertising banner decided to snap itself shut with a very loud retort that had a lot of heads turning to see what made the huge bang, the day got brighter. My very first customer walked along the aisle to my stall and declared she wanted a copy of the book that she'd heard of on the local radio.


I thought that was a great endorsement for the advert I'd run this past week. My fame has been a little short lived though because only a few others mentioned it when they stopped by - although I think that some of my sales today were because of the advert and the buyers were too shy to admit it!

A 2 day event leaves me with very little time for blogging in between and a nice early rise to see if I can buy some extremely strong glue to sort my ailing banner. However, a friend of mine - Glen Reid who creates a page a day desk calendars  - took this photo just second before my temporary masking tape repair job failed to hold the broken bracket.

Upwards and onwards tomorrow for day 2 though it may be without my banner, again, if I can't buy strong enough glue really early since I'm due back for selling before 10 a.m.

Fun times ahead.


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