Friday, 30 January 2015

Underwhelmed? Or overwhelmed?

Fantastic Friday wishes to everyone.
I'm finding it hard to believe the first month of the year is almost gone. However, I’m looking forward to today since I have so many exciting things stacked up on the in-tray on my desk.

With trepidation, I’m now waiting for my cover designer to get back to me with initial designs for the front cover of my YA Time Travel Adventure The Taexali Game.

Meanwhile, I’ve been getting some advice about negotiating myself around the ins-and-outs of self-publishing it on Createspace. I’m pretty useless at reading manuals and instructions – even though just yesterday – one of those quizzes on Facebook claimed I have a Male Brain because on my right hand my ring finger is longer than my index finger. If Males are supposed to be able to read manuals better than females then there is clearly something wrong with me. 

Further news on the publishing date will come soon but I’m aiming towards the end of February.

I’ve been asked what my reasons are for choosing Createspace over other publishing methods and my answers are the following:
  • I want to keep this series of novels separate from my writing for adults which is currently published by Crooked Cat Publishing.
  • I’m aiming for a global market with the kindle version
  • I’m aiming for both a global market and a local market by publishing a paperback version via Amazon’s Createspace.
  • I’ve looked at many other printer options and feel they’re not right for my present needs- though I don’t deny they may be at some later time.
  • I don’t want to be contracted to a publisher who will only agree to do an ebook version of the novel.This is because I really enjoyed selling my novels at local Craft Fairs, a time when I can come face-to-face with my reading public. For that I need printed paperbacks. 
  • Though, for me, it still looks a difficult process, it's also the easiest of those I've looked at to date! 

Today’s tasks will be dependent on my internet connections, the poor quality of which is still being investigated by my provider B.T. As well as finalising front and end matter for The Taexali Game, I’ll be tidying up my blurb, tag line and will be pulling out excerpts to use. I’m desperate to get going on finding suitable images for a Book Trailer Video – after I create a story board ‘text’ for it. Finding some FREE Royalty free music is always a challenge as well but it will be great to make a start on that. 

And what else is on the table for today?
There are first edits to do for the re-release of Take Me Now with Crooked Cat Publishing; Monogamy Twist is already done to second edit stages.

...And I’m desperate to get on with some of my new writing.

The evening is all booked up since I’ll be at the first Garioch Jazz Concert for 2015!


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