Monday, 12 January 2015

This Cat isn't territorial at all!

Hello and nearly goodbye to a Manic Monday!

I went shopping today. Who you? If you ask that question you'd be very perceptive because I usually avoid shopping like the plague. 

It wasn't so bad since I've got new bargain winter boots- just in time for the predicted snow for my neck of the woods. These won't be my 'really heavy duty' snow boots- I've got fabulous 5 year olds for that, but I needed a 'go for a walk down the village pushing the baby in the buggy' pair of boots. The kind that will keep me from slip sliding away when it's cold and frosty and icy. I love the new look!

The rest of the day I've been doing that opening up of my territory i.e. inviting people to fill up my guest blog diary from now until the end of March...with a nudge into April. 

It's fabulous when I have lots of responses on Facebook for appointments and I get a weird thrill when those empty diary pages begin to fill. The downside is 'tailoring' some questions for each guest who wants to be interviewed. And guess what? Almost everyone out of the 14 responses wants some interview questions. But I am really pleased about that and will do my utmost to think up some really good ones- though it's not actually been my forte in the past.

There's a knack to setting interview questions and one size doesn't necessarily fit all. I've tried that before and have been a little disappointed if the questions I've sent on don't really suit the nature of the author/ guest or the genre they write in, if they are authors. 

I personally dislike going onto a blog as a guest when the questions set don't vary for a whole year - and you can easily tell this when you scroll back to the previous interview. I know and acknowledge that everyone's answers will be different but for this next while I'm going to make an attempt not to repeat my questions too often.

So, off I go to get prepared for the rest of my writing slot this evening. 

If you're one of my guests I'll try to get your personalised nosiness to you asap!



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