Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Lists. Why make them?

 Hello on Wednesday!

Why make daily lists? How about...To keep me on track and give me the impetus to achieve more.

What have I achieved today? 
  • Mmm... got up and showered quite early
  • Zapped the ironing pile.
  •  Done Grandson duty which is now harder since he decided to learn to crawl properly a few days ago (Calls of 'Where are you, honey?' are echoeing around).
  • Collected Granddaughter from her Playgroup (easy task since it's around fifty steps away from home)
Not a lot else apart from...
  • Written 3 sets of 'personalised' interview questions for guests coming on my blog. 
Now this might sound like a piece of cake but as I wrote previously, I'm trying really hard not to make repetitions of the questions because the authors are all fantastic and their writing sounds really excellent. 

Still to do: 
  • 4 sets of questions (at least, since I'm hosting a good number of guest authors)  
  • my own blog entry,
  • new writing
  • reading the novel I started yesterday
  • reviews for some read recently that I thought I'd already done but can find no evidence on Amazon
  • draw a family tree for a cousin-in-law since the information is hard to share otherwise
...but first I'm off to do an Author Talk at the WRI (Womens Rural Institute) at Hatton of Fintray, Aberdeenshire, where I'll be giving a talk but also will be judging pieces of writing. That will be something different from choosing which soup, or flower arrangement, or sewing or knitting that I like best!

I'll be expecting to talk about my own writing but also taking about Crooked Cat Publishing. 

But what about you? Are you a list maker? And... the big question. If you are a list maker  - Do you achieve more in a day than if you don't make a list? 

See you later - most likely tomorrow.

ps I can tick off the blog post *smiley face* here- if I cheat a little bit.

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