Sunday, 4 January 2015

Intentions for 2015?

Happy Sunday greetings to you! 

The day has dawned beautiful again. There’s a lovely blue sky with only a dusting of yesterday’s frost on the grass – or maybe it’s frost that was newly formed overnight. 

So, here are my promised 'realistic' plans for 2015:

  • Really appreciate those true blue mornings. If grey days descend more often than blue, keep positive and remember the light hearted feeling a blue morning sky brings. 
  • Banish the other kind of ‘blue’ mood because I’ve no time to waste on sad things. If something hasn’t gone right, I vow to forget it and move forward.
  • Daily living goals will be set realistically. My family situation isn’t going to alter for some months yet and probably not before more than half of the year has gone past, so I’ll be working around having 4 adults and 2 little kids around 24/7.
  • Look forward to the changes that will happen right on my doorstep as my daughter’s house is built on what was my back garden. It’s an exciting project and I can’t wait for the next foundation stages to be laid, after the winter is past.
  • My back garden doesn’t exist any more so the other parts of my garden should get the facelift they deserve. Introduce some creative solutions which will make the areas much more child friendly.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to be with my grandchildren on a daily basis (which few people have) noting every change as they grow all too quickly. They’re totally gorgeous and I don’t want to miss any stage at all!
  • Set realistic author promotion plans i.e. author talks; selling my books at craft fairs; book launches etc.
  • Organise internet promotion time a LOT better this coming year and celebrate with fellow authors who’ve done really well!
  • Take a calculated risk on becoming a self-published author of YA material and also make some calculated risks with spending money on general promotions.

  • Launch ‘The Taexali Game’( Rubidium Time-Slip Series)  by end May 2015, having re-launched ‘Monogamy Twist’ and ‘Take Me Now’ around  (spring i.e. March or April ish) 

  • Complete Book 4 of my Celtic Fervour Series by end June 2015, and Book 2 of the  Rubidium Time-Slip Series by October 2015.(Or maybe the other way round) Make good headway into my Family Saga as well. Do this by writing between 9p.m. and midnight with no diversions at all on Facebook or Twitter or anywhere else on Social Media. That means that any promotions will have to be earlier in the day.
  • Keep blogging – on my own blog and as a guest. Have more guests on my blog- all because I like blogging! 
  • READ more novels. No idea how this will fit in because I didn't do so well in 2014.
There, I’ve said it. Now I need to work on that exciting plan. 
Enjoy your Sunday.

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