Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Seumas Gallacher got a visitor today!

Tuesday toddling...

No, I'm not referring to my grandson doing the toddling, he's still at the crawling but I'll let you know when his toddling begins.

I'm the one who's toddling over the continents to vist my friend, Seumas Gallacher.

He's very kindly let me witter on about my self-publishing decision making. What name should I go by?

Read my post HERE.

Meanwhile, I've spent a little while today trawling the net to find the best printer to use for my precious manuscript for The Taexali Game. There are a good few out there but what will be the best for me? That is the big question.

Updates on that much later since I'm very SLOW at this kind of reading and decision making.

However, if you know of a great printer in the UK for a self- published novel don't hang back- please tell me about it.


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