Saturday, 3 January 2015

First 'posted elsewhere' writing of 2015

Happy Saturday 3rd January to you!

I'm out doing the first of my 'every-second-Saturday' blog posts at Writing Wranglers and Warriors . The title is Hogmanay and Ne'erday, some of which is similar to my Hogmanay post a few days ago- though not the Ne'erday bit. Hop on over and see the differences.

What's my other plan for today?

I have a little something to change in 'The Taexali Game',  a change which was suggested during the second edits, and something I need to chew over for a little while to make sure the changes mesh in properly. Although 'The Taexali Game' is a time-travel adventure there's a few little mysteries for my characters Aran, Fianna and Brian to solve as well. It seems I just can't help myself in my writing. No matter the main genre, there a wee bit of detective work for the characters to solve. 

Making a little change - one of the list of pre-set challenges for my protagonists  - sounds like it might be simple enough to alter but the trick will be to ensure that it enhances the plot at this stage of the writing adn doesn't seem to be 'tacked on'. 

I did a little bit of local history research last night, thinking it would take me a few minutes to find the answers, but two hours later I was still searching. Just as well I like research. 

My ten point plan for 2015 coming up tomorrow so... tune in again for that. 



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