Sunday, 3 April 2022

Promotional Poster Creation

Happy Sunday to you!

Today's writing topic is the constant round of promotional poster creation that I've now done for more than a decade. At first, as a new author, I was terrified about posting anything on Facebook, or Twitter, or Pinterest, or on any other Social Media sites that I joined in a flurry of activity. All I can say about the plethora of available sites to promote my novels is that it's completely exhausting and time consuming to try to cover more than a couple on a regular basis.

A recent poster including Before Beltane

I still occasionally post to my two Facebook pages, and I still post to Twitter but neither of those sites are used to full advantage. I'm not inclined o be scrolling on my mobile phone 24 hours a day, so what I do on Twitter is not proper direct engagement. I engage a bit more on Facebook, but sadly Facebook isn't what it was a decade ago and the user friendly aspect of it for author promotion has not just died a death, but has been truly battered and is now so limited. Unless you can afford to spend heaps of money on Facebook advertising that is difficult to set up and a huge drain on the overdraft, since sales have not matched costs (for me). Some authors may say they can get great results from Facebook Advertising but they clearly have a secret that I've not cottoned onto. 

A Roman background for all 6 novels in the Celtic Fervour Series

My familiar promotional advertising tends to be via home-created posters that I can post mainly to Twitter, where some lovely author friends share the posts, and occasionally to Facebook. I thoroughly enjoy making my limited posters but what effect they actually have is down to viewer preference. I don't personally notice any 'poster' trends on Twitter, meaning there's a style of the day that I take note of, but that may be because I'm not particularly artistic. I try to have a style that's in keeping with my writing genre, and the era of my books. 

A few years old now, but this is a favourite of mine. 

 I find that using reviewer quotes often gets to the heart of my novels, even if that's not the in-style on Twitter!

Maybe it's time for me  to go and make some more Twitter promotional posters! 

Happy reading, whatever you might be reading.

SlĂ inte! 

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