Tuesday 2 September 2014

Tesco ebooks!

Good Morning!
They say you learn something every day and I believe that to be true. Sometimes, it might be so insignificant you don't even realise it and sometimes it can be so late in the day you think it can't be true.

Last evening, I spent some time loading the details of all of my Crooked Cat books onto a site named AuthorsDen. This process is quite time consuming since they keep a lot of  information about each novel on their site. While trying to find the URL for something else, I came up with something VERY interesting.

There is a site called  


When I went there I found it to be a TESCO ebooks site and the fantastic thing about it is that if you collect TESCO Clubcard reward points you get 100 CC points for every ebook purchased that's over £2. 

I know lots of people who convert their rewards from TESCO to   CC points and they use them for all sorts of things like Weekend Holiday breaks; buying Theatre tickets...everything that's in the regular update brochures from TESCO Clubcard.

They also have my contemporary mystery novel - TOPAZ EYES - with a fabulous little sticker 'BEST BOOK - FINALIST THE PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE 2014.

I love it. 

What do you think?   

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Happy shopping.


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