Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Welcome Wednesday features the Liebster Blog Award

I've something different for my Welcome Wednesday blog post today. It's called the Liebster Blog Award!

My friend, Sandy Dailey, nominated me for the Liebster Award. Apparently in German that means loved one, or favorite. Sandy’s Blog

This award is all about answering questions on your blog and is also a game of "tag you're it". It's always a fantastic feeling to be nominated for some award, or other, and nominating people for awards is great fun too. So... that's why I agreed to play and pick four of my favorite colleagues.

All that's needed is to read the rules, play the game and then check out some blog links of other players. (You can also back track)

1. You must tell 11 things about yourself.
2. Answer the questions your nominator gives you.
3. Create 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate.
4. Choose new blogs with fewer than 200 followers and link them to your post.
5. If you’re nominated, please leave a comment on this post with the URL of your Liebster Award post.

And now for my answers to the questions Sandy has asked me and three other people.

What was the last book you read?
I’ve just finished ‘The CEO Gets Her Man’ by Anne Ashby

Where was the farthest place you’ve ever travelled?
I confess, I had to look up a map for this one! The farthest I’ve travelled from my home in Scotland is Vancouver Island. All the California places I’ve visited are not quite so far west.

What is your most favourite possession/why?
I don’t really have one though, for a little while, I’d say it was a copy of a photograph of my paternal grandfather that my cousin gave me about 5 years ago. That was because I had never seen what he looked like. I’ve recently been given a copy of a photo which might be of my paternal great-grandmother. If that can be proved, it will definitely rate as a very favourite possession!

What is your most outstanding trait/why?
I have a hearing problem which was caused by a perforated eardrum 34 years ago. I refused to take medication for a severe ear infection since I was pregnant with my first daughter. The scarred tissue means no vibration to the eardrum at all, and since it would regrow within a decade, I'm not going down the line of fairly major surgery. From that you'll maybe guess I'm a leave well alone unless absolutely VITAL kind of person. Others might say I'm just a scaredy cat...and they might be right! I’d say that trait continues since I almost never take any kind of meds. Fortunately, I’m pretty healthy-other than my now 'selective' hearing (meaning I sometimes don't listen properly) !  

What would your dream vacation be?
I’d love to time travel back to Ancient Britain, Rome or Greece! But that’s not really answering your question. I’ve never managed to go to Luxor, or the Nile Valley, and really want to do that sometime.  

What was your most unusual pet/why?
I’m really boring here as I’ve never had an unusual pet, or in fact any pet at all.

What was the most surprising thing ever to happen to you?
I feel lucky that I’ve had loads of surprises in my life and each new one is as good as the others. For my recent birthday I’ve been given a voucher for something called SEGWAY. This is a two-wheeled vehicle that you ride on an outdoors (in the woods) track and control by shifting your weight forward and back and lean to steer. I’ll probably be rubbish at it, but I’m going to love having a go, accompanied by my adventurous daughters and their husbands. That’s my kind of surprise!

What was the largest number of people who’ve lived with you/explain?
I’m afraid I’ve a boring answer for this one! I’ve never lived with more than 4 people in the house, on a permanent basis. Growing up it was only my sister, my dad and mum. I lived at home till I got married- even as a student since my College was only a 15 minutes ride away. I only have 2 daughters, so again it was 4 people in the house. Party times are different though. We’ve had as many as 22 people sharing our house for a weekend, and some of my daughters ‘stay overs’ for birthdays have had numbers in the high teens of teens in sleeping bags on the downstairs floors! 

What hobbies do you have?
I don’t have time for hobbies! I dabble in ancestry, read for leisure when I can. And garden when something desperately needs done!  

What author would you most like to spend a day with (dead or alive)?
Probably Charles Dickens. His daily routine was amazing. I’d not want to go along for his complete daily walk, since a 20 mile walk was not uncommon, but I’d like to be around afterwards. It’s written that he composed his stories and journal articles during his walking, and wrote them down on his return. His books were mainly serialised on a weekly basis, but I’d love to ‘see into his mind’ and know if he was a ‘pantser’ week by week, or if he was a ‘plotter’ who saw the whole story during his walking.   

What was the best day of your life?
Two answers. Maybe I’ve not had it yet? And secondly - every day in some way or another. When I’ve completed a phase of my life and moved on to something else it’s always seemed momentous. When I eventually stopped teaching I was into writing all day long and loving it- great days. Now my writing is taking a back seat since I’m looking after my very bright granddaughter and every day is better and brighter for that.

I'm nominating...

My Questions for my four nominees:

Favourite childhood memory?
You love snow or sun/ and why?  
How many countries have you lived in?
Undies to bed or commando?
Favourite sport to watch/ participate in?
Best place you’ve ever visited?
Your ideal house?
Independent, or like a lot of help with whatever life throws at you?
How many cousins?
Method of transport most liked by you?
4 things guaranteed to make you laugh?

I hope my nominees have the time to take up the challenge and that they have great fun making up new questions!



  1. Great answers Nancy. I envy your travels. My last vacation was 25 years ago and I've never left the US. You and Dickens both sound incredibly interesting. Thanks for participating.

    1. Hi Sandy! Florida is the destiantion loads of Brits all want to visit, so I should say you are very fortunate to live there!

  2. Fabulous answers, Nancy. Vancouver (not Island) is the farthest we've travelled as well. And we loved it! Learnt something new about you today. :-)

    Will try post asap. Got to find some willing bloggers first...

  3. Fascinating, Nancy and thank you for inviting us. Mine is up

    and I am kicking Cameron to get his done this afternoon! Ailsa


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