Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sneak-Peek-Sunday again!


Hello! My apologies for skipping off to do fun activities last weekend which made me miss my Sneak-Peek-Sunday slot! It's now time again for more of these great little snippets in the Sneak-Peek-Sunday blog hop.

Today I've got more of Nara and Lorcan from The Beltane Choice. Here are the next 6 paragraphs...

 This continues from the last posting of the 17th March...

She hoped her defiance betrayed none of her actual feelings, since it was absurd she felt a craving for his touch. His presence behind her she could not ignore for the heat emanating from his powerful body scorched her. It galled that any contact from this warrior so easily stirred her. 

“Keep moving.”

Braving a glance behind her eyes connected with his. Though he held a potent fascination, he was not the best-looking man she had ever encountered. The tight, shuttered expression on Lorcan’s face annoyed her now. It seemed he no longer found anything about her tempting if the grim set of his lips was anything to go by. She stalked ahead which only yanked on the leash, drawing her back to him, yet it made no impression on her captor. His grip remained as tight as it had started out.

Nara blocked him from her mind. Any attraction would fade if she willed it so. During the last two moons she could have taken a warrior of Tarras as her lover. Some of the men of her home hill fort had been handsome enough, but she had not done so. No warrior had stirred her passion with just a look like Lorcan had done. Nobody at Tarras had even gained a single kiss from her…

The disappointment of not finding a mate at Tarras hurt badly, but the most discomforting thing was none of the men of her hill fort had made any determined attempts to woo her. Her lack of desirability to them was a bitter taste to swallow since feeling unattractive was not pleasant. Neither did being a prisoner. 

“Must you push me so fast? You make me stumble and fall.” 

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet! Please let me know what you think. 

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  1. Welcome back, Nancy! So glad we got another peek at The Beltane Choice. We've only had a couple glimpses of this warrior hero, and I can't wait to read more of him. And Nara already promises to be more than his match!

    1. Hi Delynn - yes, Lorcan and Nara are back...

  2. Tense situation. I like the balance between her inner conflict and the outer contest of wills with her captor.

    1. Thank you MQ. There's more of that to come...


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