Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sneak-Peek Sunday

Hello, everyone! I hope you've all had a fantastic week like me. I've celebrated another birthday, had a lovely get together with my family, looked after my spectacular granddaughter on a few days and even managed to do more about straightening out the sequencing on my current WIP. 

Speaking of that my current WIP is the sequel to -THE BELTANE CHOICE which has been featuring on Sneak-Peek Sunday for the last few weeks.  

So... it's time for more of those Sneak-Peek Sunday 6 paragraphs. 

And after you've read mine please hop on over to Sneak-Peek Sunday and read the rest of the paragraphs on offer!

Lorcan moaned into her face while she squirmed, her breasts writhing against his solid chest. She watched his eyes shut tight in anger before he rolled off her, the leap to his feet agile as a gambolling lamb as he dragged her upwards. Her hands were clamped in front of her before she took another breath, a long cord from his belt lashed securely around them before she managed any real struggle. The other end of the leash he entwined with the harness for dragging the carcass of the boar, fisting both of them in a firm clench. Forcing her chin up with his free hand, his words whiffed through the whiskers bordering his upper lip.
“No further escape attempts. Now walk.”
Nara felt him push her into motion none too gently. The leash was only long enough for her to be a few steps away from him, yet was secure enough for her to know trying to break free was futile. He seemed reluctant to kill her, though why? The local Celtic tribes did not generally take slaves. Sometimes captured women were absorbed into the tribe as concubines, bringing new bloodlines to the families. If that was his intention, why had he not taken her virginity?
Lorcan of Garrigill’s conduct made no sense.Yet, how dare he treat her so? Nara raged at the situation, her feet stamping the ground mercilessly, but jerking the leash only hurt her wrists for the warrior yanked it back with double her strength.
She was a warrior-princess, though how was he to know? Unless she told him, and she vowed she would not do that. Apart from the warrior’s mark on her arm, she wore no other sign of her status; no rings, no torque and no arm bands of precious metal. This enraged man knew nothing of her purpose, or who she was. Ceasing her stomp found not his spear but his splayed fingers at the small of her back.
“Do not touch me!” 

Here's the link again for  Sneak-Peek Sunday 

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  1. Oh, I have a feeling he's in for a heap of surprise. Great peek, Nancy!

  2. I enjoyed the sneak peek. Oh, you left us hanging. You can't just end with the demanding: "Don't touch me." lol Great snippet.

    1. Ah,well -there's always next week, Karen.

  3. Love the sparks flying between these two characters. Lorcan's got his hands full with this catch! :)

    1. Hey! Thanks, Delynn for catching up with them again.


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