Wednesday, 7 November 2018

#Agricola's Bane launch prep


#WhatsHappenedWednesday is a hashtag on a Facebook group that I've joined, used for displaying what an author has been up to, and for sharing the latest news. 

I've been very poor at posting on here recently, but I claim many valid reasons for that. For the last umpteen weeks, I've been getting my Agricola's Bane ebook and paperback versions ready for publication. That took up plenty of hours in my day but I'm delighted that progress is right on track now. 

Another fabulous reason is that I went on a little jaunt down to Liverpool, spending time with old friends, some of whom I met when I was 7 years old. When the group of 6 of us were about 12/13 years old we went to see The Beatles in a live performance at the Odeon, Glasgow. The reason for us going to Liverpool last week was a pure nostalgia trip, down Penny Lane, if you like. We've been talking about going for years but eventually got around to it last week. More of that trip soon. 

Back home now it has been back to normal for me, with 2 days grandkid minding on Monday and Tuesday of this week, and today was a solid writing day, though not of new work. Today, I completed the last half of the blog promotional posts for the launch of Agricola's Bane, Book 4 of my Celtic Fervour Series. The posts have all been sent to those very kind authors who have agreed to host me on my little launch tour. I'll be adding a sidebar notice about the tour very soon. 

Tomorrow, I'll be dedicating some time to writing and sending a Press Release to the local newspapers etc. Busy, busy! 

I made the advertising banner above to use on Facebook and Twitter. Agricola's Bane is AVAILABLE NOW in paperback from Amazon and the eBook can be pre-ordered before the launch on the 15th Nov. 2018.


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