Friday, 16 November 2018

Launch tour for #Agricola's Bane

#FridayFeelings are that I'm very, very busy!

Today I'm at the blogs of Sue Barnard and Kate Braithwaite...and maybe later today, Columbkill Noonan. 

If you missed them yesterday, I popped over to Cathie Dunn and Alice Castle , but you'll still be able to catch the posts by clicking the links just above. 

#Agricola's Bane ebook launched yesterday, and it slowly climbs the Amazon charts - thank you to those who have already bought their copy!

Today, as well as posting launch promotions on my Facebook pages and on Twitter, I'm preparing for two different Christmas Craft Fair events this weekend.

Just a little reminder that you can keep checking my blog launch tour for Agricola's Bane by using the sidebar on this blog to track where I'm likely to be in the coming days. Not all of these posts are general promotional posts - some are interviews and others are unique posts about the historical era.

Saturday 17th Nov will see me down at Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire at the FOCUS Craft Fair where I'll have paperback copies of Agricola's Bane for the very first time!! That really will feel like an achievement since I've been saying for weeks, even months, that it's on the way.. and NOW it's HERE!

Sunday 18th I'll be attending the AWA Holiday Fair in aberdeen. The American Women's' Association have been running a Christmas Fair for decades now and it's one of the best loved venues to go to for a very wide selection of gifts. There are generally more than 100 crafters in attendance with extremely varied goods for sale. During the last few years there tends to be other Fairs on in other venues at the same time as the AWA Fair but it's still generally very popular. Last year I came home with 25 fewer novels than I started off with so I've got my fingers crossed for a good event on Sunday.

I have a wee dilemma, though. I presently only have 30 paperback copies of  Agricola's Bane and my official presentation and book signing launch is on the 22nd of Nov. I've ordered another 25 which are due to arrive Tues - Thursday next week . The big question is - How many should I take to my weekend fairs?

That's a brilliant dilemma to have and I'm sure I'll work it out!

I'm off now to plan my 'Christmassy' table.


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