Friday, 26 October 2018

In #Desperate Times...

It's Friday ... 

My Friday historical theme of "Aye. Ken it wis like this..." has now run its course but Friday will probably still be a day when something historical will be posted. 

Today, I've a few more details of a very intriguing novel that was mentioned some weeks ago in a post by Ethyl Smith. My congratulations to Ethyl because Desperate Times, the third book of her series,  was launched this week! 

In Desperate Times it is July 1680. Richard Cameron is dead, and John Steel and Lucas Brotherstone have only just escaped capture by government forces. With compelling writing Smith brings to life this infamous period of history that culminated in William of Orange coming to Britain in 1688, the consequences of which are still felt in Scotland and Ireland today.

It is part 3 of a 5 part series focusing on the consequences of all this for ordinary people who turn out to be quite the opposite.

I've not yet had the opportunity to read Ethyls' series but it's definitely on my  To Read list of Scottish Historical novels.

My thanks to Ethyl for sending along the information. Best wishes for its launch! 


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