Wednesday, 14 November 2018

#Book Week Scotland - I'm confirmed!

Book Week Scotland runs from the 19th to the 25th November 2018.

It has been running every year for  number of years and and is a celebration of books and reading. the organisers encourage people to participate in a multitude of different kinds of events  so long as they are in some way book related.

Since becoming a published author in 2012, I've tried to do a 'book event'' every year during Book Week Scotland. Some have been in front of the public but others have been online. This year I thought to tie in my local paperback book launch for Agricola's Bane with Book Week Scotland Week since the launch event was conveniently happening that particular week- i.e. when the facility was available for me to be booked in to the Garioch Heritage Centre, Inverurie.

The venue- Garioch Heritage Centre - tried to get the event listed on the Book Week Scotland listings but failed to manage. I tried myself and was fairly despairing when nothing seemed to have been added to the listings. I emailed the contact name and asked if the problem may have been because my event isn't a standard book signing event. Since I'm giving a Powerpoint historical background before the signing event, it didn't fit the tick boxes on the site's form to add an event. I'm not giving an author talk about my books, and I'm not delivering a 'spoken word' poetry reading. I'm not doing a book reading from my new novel prior to sighing and selling either. I had listed my event on the proforma for 'spoken word' and not on the author 'chat' section. Days passed with no communication and no listing...till today!

To my delight, my event is still added as a 'Spoken Word' event and that's more than fine by me! It means I can officially say that I am doing something 'bookish' for 2018 as well! As an ex-primary teacher who knows the crucial value of reading and the love of books - it's of very personal importance to me.

If you don't live in the vicinity and can't come to the launch, please keep your eyes open for the special promotions that are currently ongoing during the launch weeks.
( Blog: 2 e-copies of Agricola's Bane and
(Facebook a signed paperback copy on my Facebook author page  )


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