Thursday, 15 November 2018

#Agricola's Bane ebook launches!

Launch Day - Cheers! 

The day really has arrived (15th Nov 2018)  and Agricola's Bane officially hits the ebook shelves on Amazon!

I've waited so long for this to happen that it really doesn't seem all that real. Getting all the ducks in a row to get the manuscript eventually finished, then professionally edited, and then the time I took to get the formatting correct for self publishing seems to have been endless. That said both the ebook and the paperback are unleashed and now just waiting for my readership to build and build... and build.

If you've bought a copy already, please review it on Amazon or Goodreads, or on your Facebook page, or your blog, because your comments really do matter. Sharing your choice of reading is so valuable to every author and helps to make a book stand out from the Amazon list of millions of other books.

I haven't reduced the price of £2.99 today (the same as the pre-order price) but if you haven't read the other books of the series (x3 others) you'll find them at a ridiculous sale price of #99p (reductions on other Amazon sites). That means that in the UK you can get all x 4 ebooks for ONLY £5.96!!!

Enjoy the reads, and tell other people who might be interested if you love the stories of my Garrigill warriors.


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