Wednesday, 4 April 2018

April already? 

My writing life for the last couple of weeks has revolved around doing re-edits to the first three books of my Celtic Fervour Series, getting the new editions ready for self-publishing.

I thought it would be a fairly simple process, changing a bit here and there, to make sure it was a different book from that published by Crooked Cat Books.

That might have been what I thought, but the reality, I'm actually glad to say, has been different. I've used the services of a different editor and these new editions have been thoroughly scrutinised, and are so much the better for it. I'm really pleased that my current editors, Sue Barnard and Stephanie likes to insert lots of commas because I find it natural to insert them.

The first three books of the series are now re-edited, and are undergoing a formatting process, so that I can self-publish them by mid-April. It's an exhausting process, but I'm loving it all, and I'm desperate to promote the new editions with my excellent new covers.

Book 2 was completed first and is in the Createspace template, back and front matter already in place.

My next task is to get Book 1 and then Book 3 to that same level of completion, but it's also school holidays for two weeks so my commitment as a grandchild minder means less time for me!

Till of books read coming soon.



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