Monday 26 March 2018

Cover Reveal #3! After Whorl Donning Double Cloaks

Monday Madness? 

Who has it? And what would that be for me, today? 

My intentions to do a ta-da!
** Cover Reveal**
for the third novel in my soon to be republished Celtic Fervour Series almost got forgotten about. It's on my big pink daily desk diary for today -  a comment for me to shout out about this spectacular cover but events of yesterday, and this morning, almost made me forget to get it organised.

I know I'm incredibly biased, but I think Karen Barrett, my cover designer, has done the most beautiful job in creating these covers. Historical fiction accuracy isn't easy to achieve on a book cover but this one for Book 3 is stunning.

In fact, they are all fabulous. Maybe tomorrow, I'll show all of them together!

What made me late in promoting this new cover is a sorry tale of poor memory, and fiddly stuff that I have to do.

My main writing tasks for today are to get my files organised for the self- publishing of the Celtic Fervour Series.

I'm presently using two different editors, who have incredibly busy schedules, so the order of edits being finished are unsurprisingly not in order of Books 1, 2  and 3.

One editor, Sue Barnard, has beavered away and got Book 2 through the polished stages in double quick time, for which I'm deeply thankful. Once the file was handed over as ready, it's now up to me to get it into a fit state along with the front matter and back matter, all ready for sending a PDF version to Createspace when I'm ready for the whole self publishing process.

When I did my self-publishing two years ago for The Taexali Game, I knew nothing at all about formatting and spent the best part of a month getting that book published in Paperback format, and then Ebook format. It would be nice if I could remember all of the tricks I employed last time, but that's not what's happening. I'm having some issues with 'widows and orphans'! I'm not going into the intricacies of getting the files ready, but it really matters to me that every page of text ends at the very bottom and starts at the very top of every single page - except when approaching a new chapter. That's a very fiddly business this time and I don't remember it happening the last time.

However, if I make good decisions now about the Font and Font size and set up properly then hopefully getting the other two books ready will take less time.

The formatting and proper setting up of the files, is why lots of people probably don't try to self- publish! I will not be beaten. See you in goodness knows how long with my update....

Meanwhile- enjoy the brilliant cover designs.


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