Saturday, 28 April 2018

#review 13 of 2018 Another Woman's Man by Carrie-ann Schless

Another novel I read in April...

"An unconventional romance" is on the front cover but I didn't actually find that- what I did find was an engrossing read, even though I couldn't always empathise with the self-destructive paths that Casey was following, in a crazy but fairly predictable pursuit of perfect love.

Wanting to be loved is natural, but Casey's pathway from dependence to a rocky independence isn't, in my opinion, a good  pathway to follow.

I've read a few chick-lit novels with a similar theme recently so they don't seem very unconventional any more but Another Woman's Man is very well written, well edited and flows very nicely.

It's true that you can't always see the wood for the trees and it does take Casey some time to realise that Danny's interest in her is real- for him at that time. The need to have everything perfect in life and love is what makes a chick lit romance move on - and this one moves on at high speed. But so long as readers read fiction for what it is- escapism - then Another Woman's Man is a very absorbing and rewarding read.


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