Tuesday, 10 April 2018

#review 11 of 2018 Time Tunnel to Londinium by Olli Tooley

#review 11 of 2018 Time Tunnel to Londinium by Olli Tooley

I was intrigued about the era involved in the book and eager to see how the author introduced younger readers to the historical aspects of Roman London. I was pleased to find that there were plenty of prompts in this amusing story to encourage younger readers to investigate Roman London in greater depth. The time-travel aspect is very simple, though not exactly explained, but fine for the main character, David, to have other adventures.

This was a very quick read, suitable for the average child in the age group targeted.



  1. Love this review which completely gets to the heart of why I wrote this book.
    I don't know nearly enough to teach the subject but I hoped I could spark some interest in curious minds while keeping to a fun story.

  2. I probably should add, having only stumbled across this post today, that this book is on a freebie promo right now.
    18th -22nd
    Not only that, but the second in the series is free 19th - 23rd
    Book 3 is free from 20th - 24th
    and, book 4 will be free from 21st - 25th
    Why am I making the whole series free? Because my other series is doing well and I want readers and reviews more than money right now. :)


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