Tuesday, 10 April 2018

#Review 10 of 2018 Scuba Dancing by Nicola Slade

#10 review

My pleasure reading really has slowed down of late, due to the slow but sure progress that is being made with the republishing of my Celtic Fervour Series. After extremely long days of systematic line-by-line formatting of 3 novels , a very short read (timewise) at night, before crashing into sleep, has been the recent norm. I find it's always easier to read humorous and lighthearted novels when I'm exhausted. 

Scuba Dancing was perfect for the situation and was a very entertaining read!

Who says life ends at forty, or fifty, or …? The characters in Scuba Dancing clearly don’t think so! There are a few younger people in the story, but the bulk of them are a mite older than the fortyish ones. Whatever the numbers of birthday candles they are game for new adventures.

This was a very entertaining read, with extremely likeable and highly-colourful characters. The plot’s an interesting one with some poignant twists, human nature in many semblances well described. I can’t decide which character I liked best but retirement with this cast would never be dull. A gin, or twenty, never goes a miss in this Hampshire village!

If you enjoy a novel with older eccentric characters, then this might be right up your street.

Till my next review coming soon...

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