Monday, 30 April 2018

#Monday Matters - #How Did That Happen?

#Monday Matters...#How Did That Happen?

That's the title of my new Monday blog theme. Over the coming months, I am inviting authors to visit me and interpret the question in any way they chose that's related to their writing, or to a particular book.  

I'm not exactly sure what made me chose the theme, but I'm going to begin the slots by talking about serendipity. 

Now, if you look up serendipity in a dictionary you'll get some interesting examples of meaning, even more so when using a thesaurus for alternatives but I'm going to use the one which is essentially about "the accidental discovery of something, pleasant, valuable or useful". Yes, that useful one.

Recently I've been so engrossed in sprucing up the three books of my Celtic Fervour Series to get them republished under the Ocelot Press banner. Ocelot Press is a small co-operative of authors of which I am one and our mission is to share any expertise, give help, and support to the other members as we self-publish our novels. 

It was serendipity my joining the co-operative earlier this year, since at the end of February 2018 my Celtic Fervour series ceased to be published by Crooked Cat Books, my contracts having run out. Ocelot help has so far been varied and invaluable in me getting my ebooks all published on Amazon, and my paperback versions at a stage where there is only a tiny tweak needed for me to self-publish really good quality novels- both to the interior and the exterior.

Serendipity also plays a part in the timing of the re-publishing. Since Book 1 of my series is named The Beltane Choice, it was too fortuitous not to use the fact that the festival of Beltane is tomorrow - May 1st. These last few days I've been promoting my new versions on Facebook and Twitter at a bargain price of 99p/99c till Beltane. Banners galore have been flourishing to encourage people to dip in and get a copy at such a cheap price.

 How Did That Happen? 

The question really is -  was the promotion of Ereader News Today worth the money paid for it? Let's say I'm wishing that I could brag that I got into the top 100 paid categories, but it would not be true. 

However, coming from nowhere on the rankings (860,000 ish) and getting to 6 thousand something on Amazon US and to 12 thousand something on Amazon UK wasn't too terrible. I'd love to say I sold hundreds, but maybe next time?

Target for the coming months will be to keep the pot boiling with the ebooks sales, no mean feat in the jungle of Amazon, but will serendipity keep smiling on them? I certainly hope so. 

Maybe tomorrow I'll find something new to write about Beltane. 

My Beltane wish? I think  you can probably guess…

Now which do you think is is my best banner?


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